Cael Bartels works on his Plainvew-Elgin-Millville opponent in the final Three Rivers Conference dual meet for the Gophers.
Cael Bartels works on his Plainvew-Elgin-Millville opponent in the final Three Rivers Conference dual meet for the Gophers. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

The Chatfield wrestling team lost a heart-breaker to Plainview-Elgin-Millville 32-31 Saturday and along with the match, the Gophers lost the Three Rivers Conference West Division championship. 

Both teams were tied  at 3-0 going into the championship meet.  The Gophers finished the regular season at 11-2, 3-1 in the TRC-West.

The Gophers got the No. 3 seed in the upcoming Section 1A team tournament, and will host a quarterfinal match on Thursday night.  Chatfield will take on either Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson (No. 6, 9-10) or Triton (No. 11, 5-16).  The winner out of the Chatfield quarterfinals will head to the Civic Center in Rochester and take on the quarterfinal winner out of Goodhue (No. 2, 20-5). Dover-Eyota (No. 7, 5-7) will take on FCLMC (No. 10, 2-15) in the “pigtail” match at Goodhue. 

Zumbrota-Mazeppa got the No. 1 seed (22-6) and will face the winner of St. Charles (No. 8, 6-10) and Wabasha-Kellogg (No. 9, 4-11).  GMLOS (No. 5, 9-3) will travel to Caledonia/Houston (No. 4, 11-8) for the right to advance to Saturday’s semi-finals and perhaps, finals. 

Here are the results from the PEM match. 

106 lbs., Goetzinger, Seth (Chat) defeated Olson, Garrett (PEM), dec, 12-5.               

113 lbs., Bartels, Cael (Chat) defeated Lamb, Kael (PEM), fall 3:06.                         

120 lbs., Karver, Tate (Chat) defeated Boyum, Derek (PEM), fall, 1:22.                                 

126 lbs., Hofschulte, Cooper (PEM) defeated Schott, Grady (Chat), dec, 9-2.              

132 lbs., Marx, Cael (PEM) defeated Ketterhagen, Chase (Chat), maj dec, 10-2.          

138 lbs., Goldsmith, Nathan (Chat) defeated Aarsvold, Lafe (PEM), maj dec, 11-2.      

145 lbs., Stucky, Joe (PEM) defeated Berge, Campbell (Chat), dec, 17-11.                 

152 lbs., Rahman, Alex (PEM) defeated Ihrk3, Luke (Chat), dec, 10-5,                                    

160 lbs., Mandt, Jake (Chat) defeated Jones, Connor (PEM), fall, 1:37.                                 

170 lbs., Marx, Carter (PEM) defeated Goldsmith, Davontae (Chat), dec, 3-2.             

182 lbs., Fishbaugher, Carter (Chat) defeated Prieto, Martin (PEM), fall, 3:57.                       

195 lbs., Rother, Austin (PEM) defeated Karver, AJ (Chat), maj dec, 14-1.                

220 lbs., Dittrich, Dustin (PEM) defeated Sexton, Tyler (Chat), fall, 1:51.                 

285 lbs., Wingert, Logan (PEM) defeated Froese, Isaiah (Chat), fall 1:33.                  

Chatfield traveled to Harmony for a dual match with FCLMC on Thursday.  The Gophers came out on top in 13 of the 14 weights.  Here are those results

106 lbs., Seth  Goetzinger (CHAT) over Bradon Knutson (FCLM) (TF 15-0 3:22)       5-0

113 lbs., Cael Bartels  (CHAT) over Cale  Anderson (FCLMC) (MD 10-1)                

120 lbs., Caden  Anderson  (FCLMC) over Alex Arch (CHAT) (Fall 3:27)                

126 lbs., Grady Schott (CHAT) over Carter  Hovland (FCLMC) (Fall 4:13)               

132 lbs., Chase Ketterhagen (CHAT) over Brady Dutton (FCLMC) (Fall 2:59)                       

138lbs., Nathan Goldsmith (CHAT), forfeit win                                                    

145 lbs., Jake  Mandt  (CHAT), forfeit win                                                                      

152 lbs., Luke Irhke  (CHAT) over  (FCLMC) (For.)                                                         

160 lbs., Nolan Salerno (CHAT), forfeit win                                                                    

170 lbs., Davontae Goldsmith (CHAT) over Eric  Kunz (FCLMC) (TF 21-6 4:34)      

182 lbs., Carter Fishbaugher (CHAT), forfeit win                                                  

195 lbs., Aj Karver (CHAT) over Michael Barrett (FCLMC) (Fall 2:26)                                

220 lbs., Isaiah Froese (CHAT), forfeit win                                                                      

285 lbs., Tyler  Sexton (CHAT), forfeit win                                                                     

Junior varsity matches vs FCLMC

106 lbs., Sulley  Ferguson (CHAT) over Austin  Moen (FCLM) (Dec 3-2)

106 lbs., Lukas Carrier (CHAT) over Ryan  Kelly (FCLM) (Dec 9-4)

106 lbs., Thad Evans (CHAT) over Seth Rolfs (FCLM) (MD 11-1)

106 lbs., Ryan  House (CHAT) over Clayton  Knutson (FCLM) (Fall 0:15)

113 lbs., Pablo Ruen (FCLM) over Thad Evans (CHAT) (Dec 14-7)

113 lbs., Orion Sass (FCLM) over Jackson Schild (CHAT) (Fall 1:05)

113 lbs., Trenten  Chiglo (FCLM) over Jackson Schild (CHAT) (Fall 0:28)

132 lbs., Lynn Borgen (CHAT) over Harlee Wead (FCLM) (Fall 5:34)

132 lbs., Lynn Borgen (CHAT) over Cody Gray (FCLM) (Fall 4:50)

145 lbs., Campbell Berg (CHAT) over Caleb Kunz (FCLM) (TF 18-3 3:23)

170 lbs., Mason Clemens (CHAT) over Trevor Ruen (FCLM) (Fall 1:43) 

The Section 1A individual tournament is set for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 23 and 24.  Seeding for the individual tournament has been done on the Wednesday night before the weekend.