The Stewartville/Chatfield gymnastics team had two meets last week, losing to Kasson-Mantorville/Triton (KMT), 125.65-119.5 and beating Caledonia 125.725-97.35. 

“We’ve really been working on making the routines ‘clean’ (sticking the landings, connecting all of the jump series on floor, connecting all bar skills together without pausing, and fixing form on all of our skills on all of the events, straight legs, pointed toes).  Their hard work has paid off with a season test team score on this meet,” said coach Courtney Severson after the Caledonia meet.

Chatfield’s Kim Greiner has been a big part of the team’s success this year.  She finished first “all around” in both meets.  In the Caledonia meet, Greiner finished second (8.6) on the vault, first in the uneven bars (8.25), second on the balance beam (8.125) and first in floor exercise (8.8).  Her all-around score was 33.775, good for first place.  Greiner’s teammate, Grace Sveen, (28.925) was second in the all-around scoring.

In the meet with KMT, Greiner was first in vault (8.75), first in the uneven bars (8.725), first in balance beam (9.275) and second in the floor exercise (8.5). Her all-around score was 35.25, good for first.  Shae Sands, Stewartville/Chatfield, was third (32.175) in the all-around scoring.

According to a schedule from coach Severson, the next home meet is Thursday, Jan. 25, against KMT and Byron.  There’s also a home meet on Feb. 8 against Pine Island.