The Chatfield Gopher wrestling team has a “date” with Plainview-Elgin-Millville on Saturday for the Three Rivers Conference West Division championship.  Both teams are 3-0 thus far and Saturday’s match, the final regular season contest, will determine the winner.

The Gophers also have a match with East Division Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton, which is 2-14 on the season, Thursday.

This past week the Gophers had a dual meet with La Crescent and came out on top, 63-12.  The local grapplers built up a 39-0 lead and then cruised to the win over the Lancers.  Here are those results:

106 lbs., Goetzinger, Seth (Chat) defeated Scheier, Joey (LaC), Fall 1:41.                              

113 lbs.,  Bartels, Cael (Chat) defeated Duffy, Bryce (LaC), Dec, 12 – 6.                               

120 lbs., Arch, Alex (Chat), forfeit win                                                                           

126 lbs., Karver, Tate (Chat) defeated Foster, Donaven (LaC), Fall, 1:47.                  

132 lbs., Ketterhagen, Chase (Chat) defeated Lopez, Andy (LaC), Fall 1:47.               

138 lbs., Goldsmith, Nathan (Chat) defeated Roberts, Mitchell (LaC), Fall 1:55.                     

145 lbs., Mandt, Jake (Chat) defeated Worrell, Dylan (LaC), Fall 3:46.                                  

152 lbs., Mallicoat, Ty (LaC) defeated Ihrk3, Luke (Chat), Fall 3:44.                                    

160 lbs., Salerno, Nolan (Chat), forfeit win.                                                                     

170 lbs., Goldsmith, Davontae (Chat), forfeit win.                                                            

182 lbs., Fishbaugher, Carter (Chat) defeated Jorgenson, Clayton (LaC), Fall 0:17.     

195 lbs., Karver, AJ (Chat), forfeit win.                                                                          

220 lbs., Bolyard, Zach (LaC) defeated Froese, Isaiah (Chat), Fall 1:17.                                 

285 Double Forfeit.                                                                                                     

As close as could be determined, here are the records for the TRC-West and the TRC-East squads.

West: Chatfield (3-0, 10-1), Plainview-Elgin-Millville (3-0, 10-1), Dover-Eyota (1-2, 5-5), Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Southland (0-2, 5-3) and St. Charles (0-2, 2-7).

East: Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson (3-0, 7-9), Caledonia (2-1, 8-7), La Crescent (2-2, 2-7), Wabasha-Kellogg (1-2, 3-9) and Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton (0-4, 2-14). 

This past Saturday the team traveled to Waterville-Elysian-Morristown for the Mike Fasnacht Memorial Tournament and came out in second place, in spite of not having wrestlers at the 120, 182 and 190 weight classes.

In the tournament Chatfield had two firsts (138 Nate Goldsmith and 145 Jake Mandt), three seconds (170 Davontae Goldsmith, 220 AJ Karver and 285 Isaiah Froese), four third place finishes (106 Seth Goetzinger, 126 Tate Karver, 132 Chase Ketterhagen, and 160 Nolan Salerno), one fourth place (113 Cael Bartels) and one sixth place (152 Luke Ihrke).  Everyone who wrestled in the tournament scored points for the team.  Here are the team scores and the individual results for the Chatfield team.

 Team Scores

1 Shakopee (Shak) 174; 2 Chatfield 163; 3 Jackson County Central (JCC) 153.0; 4 Northfield (Nor) 138.0; 5 Farmington (Farm) 102.0; 6 Waterville-Elysian-Morristown/Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton (WEM-JWP) 101.5; 7 Saint Clair-Mankato Loyola (StClair/Loy) 89.0; 8 Dover-Eyota (DE) 69.0.

Individual results

Key: wrestler, overall record, place, tour record. The overall record for a Chatfield wrestler is also shown.

106: Seth Goetzinger (23-6), third (3-1). Quarterfinal, won by fall over Treyton Thesing (DE, 13-14), Fall 1:53; Semifinal, lost to Chase Murphy (Nor, 28-10), decision, 6-0; Cons. Semi - Seth Goetzinger, won by fall over Gavin Anderson (Farmington, 16-12), 1:01; third Place Match, won by decision over Payton Handevidt (JCC, 9-4), 5-1.

113: Cael Bartels (16-11), fourth (2-2).  Quarterfinal, won by decision over Gavin Gust (DE, 14-10 ),7-5. Semifinal, lost to Ben Lunn (Shak, 27-4), fall, 3:13; Cons. Semi, won by major decision over Caleb Vancurea (JCC, 6-15), 14-2; third Place Match, lost to Jake Messner (Nor, 30-9), 8-0.major decision.

126: Tate Karver (11-15), third (2-1).  Quarterfinal, won by fall over Lucas Kruse (St Clair/ Loy, 9-23), 4:37; Semifinal, lost to Trayton Anderson (Farmington, 26-4), fall, 1:37; Cons. Semi, bye; third Place Match, won by fall over Lucas Kruse (StClair/Loy, 9-23), 3:17.

132: Chase Ketterhagen (14-14), third (3-1). Quarterfinal, won by fall over Cole Malone (Shak, 2-3), 5:03; Semifinal, lost to Aaron Munoz (JCC, 20-12), fall, :58; Cons. Semi, won by fall over Connor Soppeland (Farm, 6-15), 5:21); third Place Match, won by decision over Cole Malone (Shak, 2-3), 1-0.

138: Nathan Goldsmith (16-13), first (2-0); Quarterfinal, bye; Semifinal, won by fall over Austin Hamel (Farm, 16-13), 3:38; first Place Match, won by decision over Sam Treml (Shak, 17-8), 6-0.

145: Jake Mandt (27-0), first (2-0); Quarterfinal, bye; Semifinal, won by major decision over Ethan Johnson (Nor, 29-13) ,21-9; first Place Match, won by decision over Sam Webster (Shak, 29-5), 2-1.

152: Luke Irhke (5-8), sixth (0-3); Quarterfinal, lost to Jacob Tvinnereim (JCC, 39-5), Fall, 1:21; Cons. Round 1, bye; Cons. Semi, lost to Kolby Olson (Nor, 30-11), fall, :51; fifth Place Match, lost to Gavin Dabelstein (DE, 19-17), Fall 0:24.

160: Nolan Salerno (3-5), third (1-2); Round 1, lost to Jack Stanton (Nor, 19-19), decision, 11-4; Round 2, lost to Connor Raines (Shak, 27-7), Fall 3:05; Round 3 ,won by fall over Jaxson James (WEM/JWP, 2-10), 5:05.

170: Davontae Goldsmith (18-6), second (2-1); Quarterfinal, won by major decision over Jack Holman (Nor, 5-9), 8-0;  Semifinal, won by decision over Joey Johnson (Shak, 18-11), 3-2; first Place Match, lost to Aaron Drummer (StClair/Loy, 26-8), decision, 4-2.

220: Aj Karver (13-13), second (1-1); Quarterfinal, bye;  Semifinal, won by fall over Preston Mix (JCC, 8-24), 1:03; first Place Match, lost to David Loeffler (SantC/Loy, 25-8), decision, 9-6.

285: Isaiah Froese (7-5), second (2-1); Round 1, won by fall over Jacob Karsten (WEM-JWP, 4-7), 3:36; Round 2, won by forfeit over Andrew Larson (WEM-JWP, 0-3); Round 3, lost to Alex Bushman (DE, 20-12), Fall, 0:46.

The section team tournament starts on Thursday, Feb. 15.  Chatfield should have a first round bye in the section tournament and be a host team for the quarter-final match.  Seeding is usually done on Wednesday night, so all teams should have their won-lost record up-to-date on the High School League website.