The Chatfield City Council convened last Monday, Jan. 22, in spite of the gnarly weather, conversing about changing Industrial Drive’s name to another that better suits the neighborhood and development.

Chris Giesen, Chatfield’s economic development authority (EDA) director, came before the council with the proposal to change the development’s name.

He cited, “‘Industrial Drive’ is not the most appropriate name for the street. Most of the lots are zoned commercial, so we’ve been discussing names that fit the neighborhood better. We talked it over in public works committee, and Enterprise Drive seemed to be what public works felt was appropriate.”

Councilor John McBroom made a motion to accept the new name, and after his motion was seconded, Giesen informed the council that he would notify the state and federal entities that need to know, along with the property owners who purchased land on the street.

Next, Mike Bubany of David Drown & Associates presented a proposal for capital improvement planning services. He noted David Drown & Associates would provide the service through software but the company would retain control of the completed planning because of the possibility that the data could be misinterpreted without the aid of a company representative to explain its meaning.

“There would be a minimum of three free updates,” Bubany stated.

The city councilors voted to approve the purchase of services to aid the city in planning ahead for its capital needs.

Department reports

City maintenance supervisor Brian Burkholder brought forward a pothole repair policy to be used as a guideline for how potholes in the city’s streets are fixed, and he added that the street sweeping policy will be up for consideration next.

McBroom then gave the public services report, relating that an emergency medical technician (EMT) had served with the local ambulance service but recently resigned, sending a letter of appreciation to ambulance director Sue Kester for the opportunity to work with the Chatfield service.

Park and recreation news given by Councilor Josh Broadwater included that options for the construction of the new swimming pool are being contemplated and the city is working toward the purchase of an acreage to add to the park land on the west side.

City Clerk Joel Young asked that the council approve an upgrade of computer server security to protect data, and the councilors obliged.

Mayor Russ Smith, in his report, reminded residents to take care when navigating around snowplows. “Stay back from the plows, and give yourself a little extra time to get there if you’re going somewhere, stay safe in bad weather and use common sense,” he said.

Councilor Mike Urban contributed his own reminder. “Clear the sidewalks, and remember to get cars off the streets when there’s snow so the crew can keep plowing,” he stated.

The consent agenda included approving granting a pay increase to Nancy Timm and approving the Chatfield ATV trail resolution.