Three agencies have joined forces to sponsor a housing forum to be held at Tri-County Electric in Rushford on Friday, April 24, from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Speakers from the Minnesota Housing Partnership, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and Rural Development and others will provide information on how to put a housing project together.  The agencies provide the know-how and funding to underwrite affordable housing projects across the state.

A panel of local housing professionals will speak to specific projects they are involved in and some that are in the early stages of development.  Rushford City Administrator Steve Sarvi will speak to a housing development in Rushford that includes the renovation of a school and possible townhome development.

The housing forum is being offered at no cost.  It is intended to provide information for people interested in housing development that want to see their community start a housing project.

Contact Cindy Vitse, or (507) 864-7741, to register.