4-H member ready for her first fair

GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/SPRING VALLEY TRIBUNE Bloomfield Cloverleaves member Macy Runck is proud of her painting she made as her first 4-H fair project.
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Macy Runck’s Leafing out.

The Bloomfield Cloverleaves 4-H Club member has worked hard on projects to take to the Fillmore County Fair this week, July 15 through 21. Although this is her first year in 4-H, her family tree has many connections as her aunt works for 4-H and her family grew up participating in 4-H.

She has several projects to present to the judges for her first showing at the fair. She has finished a painting, made a quilt, did an applique to embroider and made a book about birds by identifying their feathers. 

“My quilt was my favorite project because it was the hardest and my grandma designed it,” she said. “I learned how to ‘snowball,’ where you take a big square, sew it halfway through and then you fold it over.  I like painting and quilting, seeing the final product and thinking, ‘I did that.’ And I used Q-Tips to make all the leaves on my painting.  It took a day to paint it, and the quilt took me a long time – I don’t know how long.”

The impending fair showing has her feeling both nervous and excited. 

“I look forward to seeing what the judges think of my projects.  I’ve never showed anything at the fair before, but I feel good about my projects.  I’ve been practicing showing, somewhat,” she said.

After it’s over, Runck, who’ll be in sixth grade this fall, plans to remain in 4-H to see what comes next as a Bloomfield Cloverleaves member. 

“I like just doing some of the things, like Food for Kidz or reading at the library for a story time,” she said. “4-H is a cool experience, and you get to make projects every year and do fun things.”