Chatfield athletes sign letters of intent

BILL BENTSON/CHATFIELD NEWS The five students from Chatfield signing letters of intent include, from left, Belle Berg, Ben Brogan, Carson Larrabee, Gage Tuohy and Lincoln Salisbury.
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Bill Bentson
Chatfield News

Five Chatfield high school athletes signed national letters of intent Wednesday to participate in the athletic programs — four football and one softball — and their particular schools of choice. 

Those five students, their particular sport and their college they signed at are:  Carson Larrabee, football, University of Wisconsin – Stout; Lincoln Salisbury, football, Luther College; Gage Tuohy, football, South Dakota School of Mines; Ben Brogan, football, Luther College; and Belle Berg, softball, Luther College.

The signees were posed several questions.  Here are their responses.


Larrabee: DeAnna Larrabee, Todd Klees and Nathan Larrabee/Maddy Larrabee.

Salisbury: Lynn, Noble/Gabrielle, Sheridan and Taylor.

Tuohy: Michael and Margo/Jett.

Brogan: Tim and Stacey Brogan/Noah and Jake.

Berg: Elizabeth and Derrick Allen, Shawn Berg/Teagan Allen, Tatum Allen and Peyton Berg.

List your high school activities, athletic and non-athletic, and any honors/awards?

Larrabee: football (four years, all-conference and all-district), baseball (two years), track (two years), Rube Goldberg (three years, part of the 2018 National Champion team).

Salisbury: football (four years varsity), baseball (four years varsity).

Tuohy: track (six years varsity, fifth place at state, four-time conference champion), football (four years varsity, section finalist, two-time conference champion, all-district player), Rube Goldberg (National Champion), Knowledge Bowl (conference champion).

Brogan: Varsity baseball, basketball and football since 10th grade, captain for football and basketball, class president ninth, 10th and 12th grade, prom committee in 11th grade and homecoming candidate.

Berg: Bionic club (two years), volleyball (four years), softball (four years, all-state, all-district and all-area), basketball (three years), Service Club (four years), SADD (four years).

Outside of school activities?

Salisbury: weightlifting and helping with Atomic Force volleyball.

Tuohy: weightlifting (third place in the state, competed at Youth Nationals).

Berg: Studio 223 weightlifting, member of Chatfield Lutheran Church.

Larrabee: weightlifting, snowboarding, snowmobiling and wake boarding.

Who have been major influences during your high school career?  And why?

Tuohy: My dad was my biggest influence because he was always teaching me about cars and how things worked.  That is what led me to mechanical engineering and wanting to figure out how to fix and improve things.

Brogan: My older brother, who has always pushed me and believed in me.  Coach Adam Hurley, who taught me commitment and responsibility and treat every rep like it’s your last.  Coach Tom Bance taught me to always be positive and showed me how a coach should treat his players.

Berg: My mom, because she has always pushed me to do my best and has taught me how to work hard in order to succeed.  Denise Daniels is another person who has supported me throughout my whole career and has taught me how to be a good teammate.

Larrabee: Parents, friends/teammates and coaches have all inspired me to try my best and always give 110 percent effort.

Salisbury: My mother has always pushed me to be the best athlete on the field and in the classroom.  She pushes me to be the hardest worker in the room at all times.

Do you have a college major picked out?  If so, what?

Brogan: I am going to study pre-engineering. 

Berg: I will be studying elementary education.  I would like to be a teacher and coach.

Larrabee: Manufacturing engineering.

Salisbury: I will be studying pre-engineering at Luther.

Tuohy: I have chosen to go into mechanical engineering.

Why did you pick the school you are signing with?  Other schools in the running?

Berg: I picked Luther because I immediately felt at home due to small class sizes.  I also wanted to pursue a softball career, but have a balance with my education and Luther was the best fit.

Larrabee: I picked UW Stout because I thought it was the best option for me.  No other schools.

Salisbury: The great brotherhood and connection I had with the team.

Tuohy: I chose this school because of the amazing engineering program it has to offer and that, I love.

Brogan: I chose Luther as I loved the campus and Decorah is not a big town, but has everything I need.  Other schools considered: UW-Stout, UW-Eau Claire and UW-River Falls.

What do you expect to be doing in 10 years?

Larrabee: I expect to be working in a job involving manufacturing engineering.

Salisbury: I expect to be working in my father’s electrical company.

Tuohy: I want to work at a big car manufacturer and help design new cars.

Brogan: With a family and a job that is in the field of architecture.

Berg: I will be teaching elementary education and coaching a varsity high school softball team.  My goal is to be happy, making a contribution to others and living life to the fullest.

Any other comments?

Brogan: I would like to thank my family for all their support and my friends who have pushed me and believed in me.  #skolnorse