Chatfield Elementary welcomes part-time school nurse

SUBMITTED PHOTO Anna Pence will be seeing young students who are not feeling well as the new school nurse. She works full time at MedExpress Urgent Care in Rochester and is a public health nurse for the Minnesota Oral Health Project.
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Anna Pence wants to be a comforter.

That’s her blanket statement about working at school.

“I hope to make them comfortable – when they come to the nurse’s office, I want to make sure they are open and comfortable with me,” stated Pence, who’s going to be serving as Chatfield Elementary School’s part-time nurse. She will be lending a hand to soothe bumps and deal with upset tummies as the district provides her services to students throughout the school year.

Pence has been a nurse for three and a half years, and she chose to come to Chatfield to share her experience in making kids feel better.

“I graduated from Bemidji High School in 2001, and I graduated from the College of St. Scholastica School of Nursing in 2016. I chose to be a nurse to simply help people,” Pence said. “People come to you in a time of need and vulnerability, and it takes a special person to make you comfortable during those times.”

She continued, “I currently work full-time at MedExpress Urgent Care in Rochester and am a public health nurse for the Minnesota Oral Health Project. It is a grant-funded project teaching children and caregivers the importance of oral health. I wanted to start getting more involved with the schools and to help the kids when they need it. I’m excited to be in the school setting. I have never worked in a school, so I’m excited to explore that option as a nurse.”

Pence added that she is especially excited to help the kids when they need it and make them feel comfortable. “I hope the kids give me a break if I don’t know everything! And I feel that it’s important for them to learn that honesty and respect go a long way in life. I hope to become more involved with the school and help out as best I can. I’m just excited to work with the kids – I love helping them!”

Pence lives in Kasson and will be getting married in September. “We met in college and have been best friends since. I’m so happy and excited to marry him,” she added. “We also have a 6-year-old German shepherd named Dexter, who’s my baby. In my spare time, I love to cook, bake, go camping, go hiking, read good books and do yoga.”