Cloverleaf’s projects range from bubble wand to pickles

GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/SPRING VALLEY TRIBUNE Adyson Brogan holds one of her 4-H fair projects, a collection of photographs she took last fall.
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Adyson Brogan’s a Cloverleaf with a pickle, a bubble and a pumpkin portrait, bound for some fair showing. 

The Bloomfield Cloverleaves 4-H member is showing a variety of projects at this year’s Fillmore County Fair this week. Her photography includes “Autumn’s Palette,” with pictures of pumpkins last fall just before it snowed. She is also taking a shelf, a garden, refrigerator pickles and her child development project, which is a bubble wand.

“My pickles are my great-grandma’s recipe,” she said. “Last year, I took a garden and a first aid kit.  This year, my favorite projects are either my photography or my garden – my garden, because the plant I found to put in it is really pretty, and my photography because the pictures are really detailed, and my mom has a Cameo camera that you can make stickers with it.” 

She gained some skills while rounding up her 2019 fair projects and is confident that she’ll do well while presenting her work to the fair judges.  In redoing a shelf, she had to learn how to sand and paint without getting drips and other imperfections. 

“I learned how to make stickers, and I learned how to figure out how much calories, sodium, fat and protein is in foods,” she added. “I feel really good about this year’s projects.” 

The upcoming sixth grader enjoys showing at the fair. 

“I like telling them what I learned, and I think it’s easier this year because I’m kind of more prepared and know what to expect,” she said. “My favorite part of showing is getting tips from the judges.”

Brogan is glad she’s joined 4-H and been a part of the Cloverleaves for the past three years because she’s gotten to venture into things she might not otherwise have been afforded the opportunity to try, and she’s certain that rewards lie in her 4-H membership. 

“If you show for 4-H, in the future, you can get into better colleges.  And I probably never would have made the lending libraries at the parks (in Spring Valley) if I were just everyday people, or going to help with Food for Kidz.  You get to meet new people and try out new things,” she said.