Council approves road closure for Fountain anniversary celebration

By : 
Sara York

The Fountain City Council met for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 3, discussing road closure for the upcoming 150th anniversary celebration to be held Saturday, July 27, and the Cedar Avenue project.

First, the council approved a request to close Main Street from Third Street to County Road 8 before and after the parade for festivities. The closing will begin at 8 a.m. and end at 12 a.m. on for the 150th Anniversary celebration.

City Clerk Ronda Flattum will let the commissioners, law enforcement and Lanesboro Ambulance know that the closing was approved.

The council once again discussed the Cedar Avenue water reduction project. One option was for installing curbs and a catch basin to collect water, routing it under the driveway in a pipeline and connecting it to an existing culvert. A concrete driveway apron is proposed to eliminate gravel erosion when water flows over the driveway. The estimate for this is $22,000.

The second idea included grading a ditch instead of constructing a curb and installing a culvert under the driveway to convey runoff. An estimate for that work, including a contingency, is $10,500.

The council discussed costs and Councilman Ron Riesner said they could do the project in house and it will cost one-tenth of contracting it out. He suggested it will take nine tons of rock to fill in and build it higher, so the area is not a problem anymore. Riesner also stated he has dirt for the project.

When the council voted to pursue this last option, Riesner abstained since he will be doing the work. The council approved doing the project.

MMS Environmental-Point Watch Monitoring

The council discussed installing an automatic monitoring system at the wastewater treatment plant. This system will begin Aug. 1. When the system first starts it will be monitored often to make sure things are working right. Mayor Jim Schott is sure this system will save the city money in the long run; however, it will be an upfront cost of $5,150 plus hookup for the system.

Being skeptical of this plan Councilman Chad Wangen has suggested a trial period with the new system before signing a contract. The contract is for three years and it will have no increase in price during the term.

Schott said they could get a contract to look over and then move forward.

Other business

The council discussed the fact that with all the rain the city has been getting, pump station alarms are being set off. It was noted alarms can be shut off but if they are going off, the city needs to be called so that maintenance can check them and make sure the pumps are not going bad. Messages can be left with the city after hours or call during business hours.

Mayor Schott gave a friendly reminder about dogs at large stating, “Pets need to be on leashes. There is a leash law in Fountain.” He also added that “invisible fences are good.”

The council also approved letting AJ’s Diner have The Driftless Goat Company petting zoo for their open house.