Dateline, Pillager, Minnesota, Thursday, May 3, 2018

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As most people probably know by now, I like competitive activities, and that goes beyond sports.  During my tenure as a principal I was involved in FCCLA, FFA, Knowledge Bowl, band, choir, Dance Team, speech, one-act play, chess, science club, and now some new activities like trap shooting, bowling and robotics have hit the high school scene.  Now I’m hearing that “fishing teams” is the new rage, especially in some of the northern schools.  Without a lake in our county, and many, many streams and rivers, we’d have to get involved in fly fishing, in addition to regular fishing, and I know the perfect guy who could lead the charge in Fillmore County.  I’m not going to mention any names, but his initials are JF. Another point, isn’t Preston the site for the National Trout Center?  What a perfect fit for a fishing team. 

When you attend some of the activities, do you hear comments from fans that berate players and make insinuations that the players aren’t trying?  Really?  Do you honestly think that kids are going out on the field, court, track, etc. and purposely trying to “throw” the game, or event?  Get serious!  You want to see mistakes, bad plays, errors?  All you have to do is tune in on Sunday afternoon, or go to any major league venue, and you’ll see plenty of boo-boos. And they’re making millions of dollars. Cheer for your team, support your players, and don’t worry about the opposition. If an opponent of your team is getting “chippy,” hopefully the officials will see it and take the appropriate action.  I’m also a firm believer in the adage, “what goes around, comes around.”

Baseball news

The original baseball schedule for this season had everybody playing each team in your division twice and the teams in the other division once each. That would mean that the West teams (Chatfield, Dover-Eyota, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland, Plainview-Elgin-Millville, St. Charles, Southland and Wabasha-Kellogg) would have had 18 games and the East teams (Caledonia, Cotter, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro, La Crescent, Lewiston-Altura and Rushford-Peterson) would have 17 games. Well, that schedule got revised when the weather didn’t cooperate. The revised schedule had the East teams playing 15 games and some of the West teams playing 16 games and some playing 17 games. With the revised schedule there were going to be the divisional doubleheaders and five dates for inter-divisional play, but since there are seven teams in the West, five teams would have to have byes (not get a game with a team from the other division), thus making the number of games for the West teams at 16 or 17. Two teams (Chatfield and St. Charles) got five games with the other division and the other five teams only have four games.  Add to that, teams weren’t finishing both games of their double-headers, so the revised schedule took another hit and the normal seven-inning double-headers were cut to two five-inning double-headers. Then we had some more postponements and pretty soon teams were eliminating their non-conference games, so they could get in their conference games. Are you getting all this? Bottom line is, the schedule is a mess, teams are playing five games a week, and sometimes six, maybe even seven. I haven’t checked everybody’s schedule. Now, we just had some rain postponements and games got suspended then, too. 

Playoffs, I believe, are scheduled for May 23, and we’ve had one week of baseball, now two. Throw out the practice time, you’ve had most of what you’re going to get, and the majority of that was inside. 

I understand some of the teams are going to meet and make up some of the suspended games.  I think Fillmore Central/Lanesboro is going to Lewiston-Altura on Wednesday, May 9, and finish up their suspended game, then take on Cotter and finish their recently suspended game. 

Softball news

Can’t believe that Randolph or Glenville-Emmons/Alden-Conger haven’t had any conference games yet.  I’m thinking that they play a double round robin, just by the number of games that Lyle/Pacelli has played already. 

Did you see that Lexi Chase pitched a perfect game against GMLOK the other day?  She struck out 13 strikeouts in the five-inning game. 

St. Charles beat Chatfield last week in a softball game. That was the first regular season loss for the Lady Gophers in two seasons.

I noticed that a couple softball teams ran into some darkness issues with the seven-inning doubleheaders.  As you can see in the standings, getting games in for softball has been better than for baseball. 

Bits and pieces

I was going to use “odds and ends,” but I didn’t want to offend any of the ‘subjects’ in this part of the article, thinking I was referring to them as “odd.” 

Most of you probably know that Michelle Anderson has taken a leave of absence this season from her head softball coaching duties at Caledonia/Spring Grove. She’s dealing with some health issues and we wish her the very best in the recovery process. Chad Augedahl is assuming the coaching duties in Michelle’s absence.

I got the track results from Aaron Thauwald (GMLOKS girls) on their meet in Stewartville. He was really pumped and very optimistic about the girls’ chances in the upcoming True Team meet.  The Section True Team meet will be Tuesday, May 8, at Dover-Eyota. Section 1A has 19 teams competing, including Blooming Prairie, Caledonia/Spring Grove, Chatfield, Cotter, Dover-Eyota, GMLOKS, Hayfield, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Lewiston-Altura, Lanesboro/Fillmore Central/Mabel-Canton, Lyle/Pacelli, Medford, Minnesota State School for the Deaf, Rushford-Peterson/Houston, Schaeffer Academy, St. Charles, Triton, Wabasha-Kellogg and Zumbrota-Mazeppa.

That’s going to do it for another week. Melissa should be back from Spain real soon. I bet she had a great time.  Hey to the Great 8 and my wife, Carol, you are the greatest!  Thanks to Dave Phillips for editing this week.  Also, a big thanks to all the sponsors. Only two weeks left of the regular season and then the playoffs begin.  Hope you have a great week, one day at a time.  Hasta luego, everyone.  Get out and support your favorite team.  Has the trap shooting season started, or am in the wrong season?  Frank Jaszewski Field dedication is Friday, May 11.  WEB