Develop habits to reduce plastic use

Paper or plastic? Neither!

We all know when we check out at the grocery store, we get asked that question. Even if we have the simplistic of purchases, the same question. 

A loaf of bread is an example. It is already wrapped but they ask the same question.

In France a loaf of bread often comes unwrapped and it is tucked under one's arm and taken home.

We can read most every day of the world's plastic problem and it seems to be getting worse. Many marine animals ingest and die from plastics, as do many other creatures.

I don't know how far we can go to reduce plastics use, but one thing we can do is to carry our own re-usable bags into the store. I've been doing it for years. No problem, and no plastic bag use.

To encourage this habit, a grocery store could give away cloth bags for a couple of weeks, for free, with their logo on it, and after a couple of weeks, charge for any plastic bag requested.

It is a matter of habit, and an easy one. Any questions?

Anyone interested further in this subject might like to read Beth Terry's book, Plastic Free: How I kicked the Plastics Habit and How You Can Too or Kathryn Kellogg's book, 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste.


Harvey Benson