Folz, Matzke repeat; Grinde, Elton also selected

From left are Alex Folz (Player of Year, 2nd year, All-SEC, 3rd year), Ethan Matzke (All-SEC, 2nd year), Caden Grinde (All-SEC) and Noah Elton (Honorable Mention All-SEC).

Alex Folz is the Conference Player of the Year for a second basketball season while being named First Team All-Southeast Conference for a third year. Ethan Matzke is a First Team section for the second season.

The conference coaches named Caden Grinde to the Second Team while Noah Elton received Honorable Mention.

This makes the fifth straight season a Spring Grove cager has been the Player of the Year and the 10th time in the 16 years the honor has been bestowed. 

Folz is the sixth Lion boy to earn the distinction, preceded by Alex Roverud (2006), Kevin Lochner, (2008) Garrett Cross (2009, Aric Elton (2011, '12) and Chase Grinde (2015, '16, '17).

Folz, a 5-for-10 senior point guard, led the conference in 3-point field goals, averaging four treys a game during conference action. He hit a very strong 39.7% of his 3-point attempts and sank 73% of his free throws.

He ranked third in the SEC in three other statistical categories - scoring (20.3 points per game), assists (5.6 apg) and steals (3.0 spg). Folz also averaged 7.7 rebounds a game from his point guard position.

Matzke, a 6-4 senior forward, ranked fourth in the league with 2.5 steals per game. He shot an excellent 44% from 3-point range and also averaged 10.7 points, 8.0 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.5 steals during SEC competition.

Grinde, a 6-2 sophomore guard, tied Folz for third in SEC steals with 3.0 thefts per contest. He shot 32% from 3-point land while averaging 12.0 points per conference game.

Elton, a 5-10 senior guard, averaged 9.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 2.6 steals during SEC games.

Spring Grove, with a ninth straight SEC East Division championship, merited the most selections with three. Eight of the 14 First and Second Team selections were repeat honorees with another three moving up from last year's honorable mention list. 

There were eight seniors, three juniors and three sophomores. There were eight guards and six forwards with no centers among the top 14. 


All-SoutheastConference BOYSBASKETBALL 2019

Player of the Year-  Alex Folz (SG), 2nd year



AlexFolz (SG), sr, G. 3rd year

CarsynGunderson(Ran) sr. F, 2nd year & H.M. 2017

WyattPruter(Kingsland) sr. G, 3rd year

TreyHungerholt(L-O) sr G, 3rd year & H.M. 2016

ColtLanders(GM) soph. F, 2nd year

EthanMatzke(SG) sr. F, 2nd year

AustinFunk(GM) sr. G, (H.M. 2018)



CarsonSchwichtenberg (Lanesboro) sr. G, 2nd year n& H.M. 2017

DrewWyffels(M-C) sr. G, 3rd year

NickDrinken (Randolph) jr. G

RileyOlson(L-O) jr. F, (H.M. 2018)

AlexVanGundy (Hou) jr. F, (H.M. 2018)

JedNelson (L/P) soph. F, 2nd year

CadenGrinde (SG) soph. G



JamesHongerholt(Hou) sr. F, All-SEC '18

DawsonDahlum (G-E), jr. G, 2nd year

AlexWille (Randolph) sr. G

IsaiahLahr (Schaeffer Academy) jr. G

DakotaStoopes(L-O) jr. G

ColeWalter (L/P) soph. G

DylanLoppnow(M-C) sr. C

ConnorRuen (Lanesboro), sr. F

ReidKruegel(Kingsland) sr. G

NoahElton(SG) sr. G




1. Trey Hungerholt, L-O…21.1 ppg (also led in '18)

2. Wyatt Pruter, Kingsland…21.0 ppg

3. Alex Folz, SG…20.3 ppg

4. Colt Landers, GM…19.6 ppg

5. Carsyn Gunderson, Randolph…19.3 ppg


1.Mikkel Schutte, Houston…11.1 rpg

2. Riley Olson, L-O…10.3 rpg

3. Dylan Loppnow, M-C…10.1 rpg

4. Reid Kruegel, Kingsland…8.6 rpg

5. James Hongerholt, Houston…8.1 rpg


1. Trey Hungerholt, L-O…6.1 apg (also led in '16 & '17)

2. Cole Walter, L/P…6.0 apg

3. Alex Folz, SG…5.6 apg

4. Drew Wyffels, M-C…4.6 apg

5. Ethan Lane, GM…4.0 apg


1. Drew Wyffels, M-C…3.4 spg (also led in '17)

2. Trey Hungerholt, L-O…3.1 spg

3. Alex Folz, SG…3.0 spg

Caden Grinde, SG…3.0 spg

5. Ethan Matzke, SG…2.5 spg 

3-pt. FG made                           

1. Alex Folz, SG…4.0 treys per game

2. Colt Landers, GM…3.8 treys per game

3. Carsyn Gunderson, Randolph…3.7 treys per game

4. Wyatt Pruter, Kingsland…3.07 treys per game

Carson Schwichtenberg, Lanesboro…3.07 treys per game