Hit the road this summer with a local road trip

Jordan Gerard/SGH Como Falls in Hokah is one of the destinations listed for the Houston County History Hunt. It’s a great stop on the trip for a picnic.
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Jordan Gerard

Running out of summer activities yet? Want to road trip but don’t have the time or money to spend on a big one? Have no fear, a local summer road trip is here.

Take a road trip on the Houston County History Hunt, which takes you around to each town’s libraries and landmarks, such as Como Falls in Hokah, Schech’s Mill in Sheldon and Spring Grove Soda Pop.

“I personally feel it should be available to anyone who comes in from anywhere,” Spring Grove Library Director Dawn Johnson said previously. “It’s a great way to see Houston County. There a lot of sites in this book I’ve never seen.” 

So far, the History Hunt has seen a lot of activity from patrons who live in the county and who are visiting the county.

The project is funded through the Arts and Cultural Heritage/Library Legacy Fund in cooperation with SELCO – the regional library system. Houston County libraries teamed up to write the grant. 

The grant provides booklets, tile rubbings, crayons, a map, signposts and QR codes around the county. The History Hunt is free to all ages. The program runs until Aug. 31, 2018.

Start at your local library in Spring Grove, Caledonia, La Crescent, Hokah or Houston. Ask the librarian or front desk helper for a History Hunt tote bag. 

You can also print the materials online at houstoncountyhistoryhunt.org. Groups can register on the site to help libraries keep track of how many participate in the hunt.

Inside, you’ll get a map and list of sites and a book that has directions to the site, history about the site and a place to color the rubbing tile in.

After you’ve found all the tiles in your own town, grab a chauffeur to drive you and friends to the next town and its sites.

You’ll also have to search carefully for the tiles. While some are in obvious spot, others are hiding on already existing posts (such as information signs).

QR codes on the signposts will link a mobile phone to the History Hunt website. 

If you complete at least 15 rubbings, bring them back to your local library and be entered into a raffle for a gift basket of goodies from all over Houston County.

Since most of the tiles are outside, it’s probably best to do this activity on a day without rain.

Depending on how many sites you want to visit, it could be an all-day activity (it took the editor about three hours to visit a few select sites in each city). 

It also depends on the route you take. Main roads will get you to town faster, however, if scenic views are your thing, grab a driver who is not directionally challenged and take a back road.