Kingsland officials available at Ag Days to discuss referendum

Members of the Kingsland School Board and administration will be hosting an operating levy referendum information center at the Spring Valley Fire Hall from 2 to 4 p.m. after the Ag Days parade on Saturday, Aug. 17. 

The public can get information, ask questions and see the tax impact on their property.  Kingsland will have an operating levy referendum on Tuesday, Nov. 5, during a special election.

Kingsland is asking district voters to revoke the existing $852 per pupil unit levy and replace it with a new $1,566 levy. An operating levy can only be used for operations, not building projects.

The current levy has a $424 local option that the school can levy without voter approval plus $428 approved by voters for 2010 through 2020. The proposed referendum would keep the $424 option, but add $1,142 per pupil unit to replace the $428 voter-approved operating levy.

The operating levy will allow the district to maintain operations, including new and current programs such as construction, agriculture, College in the Schools courses and an elementary school Action 100 reading program, according to district officials. The funds would also be used for instructional material.

If the referendum fails, district officials have said that by the 2020-21 school year, the district would exhaust the current fund balance provided by the prior levy. That could cause the district to be placed in statutory operating debt, meaning local control would be surrendered to the state to develop a plan to get the district out of debt, according to information from the school.

A calculator from the district shows that the estimated monthly impact on a home with a market value of $100,000 would be $13.73. The median home value in 2016 for Spring Valley was $107,836 and for Wykoff $86,158.