Letter: Americans better off than they have been in decades

Hi Wayne (letter Dec. 31), hope this is not a big surprise but the Mueller investigation was a waste of over two years of time and $35 million. What did it prove? President Trump did not collude with Russia. On the other hand, Lying Hillary went through the back door to Russia with her fake dossier paid for by her campaign and the DNC. 

It is naive to think this was the first time Russia has tried to interfere in our elections as well as the Ukraine, China, Iran and many other countries. When the attorney general office concludes its criminal investigation into actions of Democrats and the FBI, President Trump will be fully exonerated. Unless we have a two-tiered justice system, some should go to prison.

Now the Swamp Creatures are trying to impeach President Trump for bribery and obstruction of justice without any proof or evidence. Who they should be investigating is Joe Biden who bragged about threatening to withhold money unless the president of Ukraine fire prosecutor Shokin to stop him from investigating Barisma holdings where Hunter Biden was on the board of directors at $50,000 a month. In addition how did Hunter Biden walk out of China with over a billion dollars when he flew on Air Force Two with father Joe? This all sounds fishy to me.

Not only did they run a kangaroo court, they are trying to tell the Senate how to do the trial, totally ignoring the separation of powers. They have no constitutional right to interfere. As if this is not enough some of the Swamp Creatures are planning their next investigation. The only way to end this charade is to vote them out of office.

Congress passed 400 bills?? They must have resembled the ones President Trump rolled back by the Democrats and former President Obama, because they stifle the economy and weren't people-friendly. They have proven they cannot chew gum and walk.

I will pass on the next few comments about Trump's business dealings. Simply put, staying at Trump Hotel does not grant an audience with the president, unlike donating to the Clinton foundation, which is under investigation. These people are not inclined to stay at Motel 6.

Under President Trump, the stock market has set over 135 new record highs. Wages are increasing, especially for the middle and lower class people. Millions have been able to get off welfare. Taxes have been cut, putting more money in people's pockets. Jobs are increasing, especially for minorities, and businesses are coming back to the USA. We have a fair trade deal with USMCA trade deal, phase one on a trade deal with China and a trade deal with Japan. All three deals have significant benefits for agriculture.

Foreign countries are putting money in our banks and investing in our businesses and economy.

Yet the Democrat candidates claim they will improve our economy by increasing taxes on the middle class and wealthy. 

They will take away our private health insurance and replace it with a bureaucratic run healthcare that I am sure would resemble the VA hospitals before President Trump improved it.

The biggest joke is they claim they will improve international relationships. Can anyone picture them standing up to China, Iran or Russia? They don't have the skill or courage. They would function like Obama, drawing red lines that meant nothing or paying Iran billions of dollars to make a deal which was a meeting of fools. Now they are using that money to kill our troops and working with and creating terrorists.

The Democrats did not have a viable candidate in 2016 with Lying Hillary and they are doing worse in 2020. They have Sleepy Joe, Barney Sanders, No Clue Klobuchar, Pocahontas Warren and Confused Buttigieg

The Democrats won't admit that the American people are doing better than they have in decades and the voters know it

Roger Dietrich

Le Roy