Letter: Border wall would protect from dangers

Apparently Alima Fairchild is for open borders? Is she also in favor of disbanding the Border Patrol? After the Swamp Creatures take away our guns we will have a better understanding the problems the Mexican people have with MS 13 gangs and drug cartels.

We would be no safer than Latin Americans in Mexico, Central America and South America. We have to protect our right to decide who comes in to our country.

We also need a strong fence on our southern border to help slow the drug trade that killed 68,557 people in 2018.

A fence is not the whole answer because the cartels are experts at smuggling. It is just one part of the solution.

Also to protect people from human trafficking. One third of the children in custody in compounds built by former President Obama are victims of human trafficking, were either bought or kidnapped and rented to illegal aliens because they have a better chance of being released on American soil when they are accompanied with a minor, then the minor is sent back to their pimps in Mexico for repeat trips.

These minors in Border Patrol custody are living a healthier, safer and happier life than they did in Mexico and their home countries.

Especially compared to the victims sold into the sex trade where the life expectancy from their introduction is only seven years.

These seven years are controlling, abusive and tortured with beatings. Are open borders less offensive than secure borders? I think not.

One more fact. Sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are tools of gangs and the cartel, which allow them to do business open with little or no repercussions for their crimes. When caught they receive a slap on the wrist and released back into the community to carry on their illicit business. It's a shame.

Where did the story that 70% of the population is waiting for Medicare for all? When the middle earning people found out how much it was going to raise their taxes it imploded, especially when the progressives thought that illegal aliens should be covered under Medicare for all. Elizabeth Warren's numbers went down along with Medicare for all. For the time being, Medicare for all is history.

The do nothing Congress have sent nine poorly worded and ill thought out bills to the Senate. Poor bills have consequences.

Why did Pelosi sit on USMCA bill for nearly a year? She lied when she said the Congress made improvements, what were the improvements, she didn't say because there were no changes, she lied.

Inaction by the Congress on this important bill cost farmers, business and workers millions of dollars when they delayed this important trade bill.

The Swamp Creatures have been very divisive in their false investigations and charges. President Trump will be exonerated on these charges as well.

As he places constitutionalist judges on the bench to protect our constitution instead of activist judges. Nine out of ten decisions by the activist judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are overturned by the Supreme Court. Will these false charges end after this?

Probably not, not as long as the Swamp Creatures have control of the Congress. That has to change.

Alima, I hope you don't come unglued when President Trump wins re-election in 2020 with a super majority in both houses?

Roger Dietrich

Le Roy