Letter: Medicare for All not the way to go

“Medicare for All is the way to go." Really?  First, if Medicare for all, or any government program is so great, why do the politicians who write the laws FOR US always — ALWAYS — exempt themselves?

Secondly, if all of the other countries of the world have a government-run health care program, and it covers every citizen, and if everyone in those countries is so happy with the program, why do the leaders of those countries, and the other super wealthy keep coming to the United States for their major health issues?

Third, Washington already has almost complete control of health care for our nation’s veterans; is that mess really what you want for your health care?

Next, what will be the true cost of Medicare for All? Remember Obamacare! We were told that program would cost $950 billion a year. The cost had risen to over $2.5 trillion BEFORE it went into effect!

Remember all of the other promises of Obamacare? How many turned out to be untrue? And, though it is not acknowledged by our politicians, and our news media, there are at last count still over 28 million people with no health care in the United States.

How confident are you that politicians have greater wisdom over how to treat, when, how much, and how long to treat you than your doctor?

Is "Medicare for All" constitutional? The answer is clearly, NO! Our Founders gave Washington only three responsibilities. Our politicians take an oath to “protect and defend" our Constitution. Well?

Tom Thorson