Letter: The rest of the story

I read an article by Jeff Erding on Jan. 13. In it he says about a couple of writers that they must have lost touch with reality. Well, that’s what I thought about Jeff’s article on Oct. 14,”Impeachment last resort of leftists.” He talks about how good the economy is and unless it takes a downturn lefties don’t have a chance.

Let me remind Jeff that Trump inherited most of that economy when Obama left office. Job signs were all over, the stock market was going up, unemployment going down, all projected in right direction. The economy was good enough that Trump didn’t win the election on the economy; instead he won it on fear — fear of immigration and fear of terrorism.

How many of us feel safer today than three years ago?

At the time he wrote this I had just saw polls on “Meet the Press” that all top five Democratic candidates would beat Trump in head to head election. I also read an article that said Trump was under water in 10 states that he won in 2016. No wonder the lefties were so nervous.

As for impeachment, then comes the Mueller report. According to it, Trump broke campaign laws by paying off a mistress, corruptly pocketed millions of foreign dollars as president through his hotels and businesses, and obstructed justice at least 10 times by Mueller’s count.

At that point, Nancy calmly said impeachment was bad for the country, that Trump wasn’t worth the trouble

After that, Trump saw the polls that Joe Biden would beat him in the election so he thought he could dirty Biden in the Ukraine so he sent his team in to do his dirty work.

One of the worst things they did in Ukraine was to smear the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, because she wouldn’t go along with what was going on. I saw her testimony at the House and I was sick when she left. Everybody applauded her, Democrats and Republicans, because of what Trump had done to her.

At this point, Nancy calmly said he doesn’t give us any choice, so they impeached him.

Then we had a trial in the Senate that resembled the O.J. Simpson trial. First, we have a high-powered group of lawyers like Simpson did. The majority of Americans think he is guilty like Simpson. Then they acquit him and the majority of Americans still thinks he is guilty. So we will turn him loose and give him more rope like Simpson. Remember what happened there?

I will close with these thoughts: I just saw the economy was at 2.3 percent most of year; now it’s down to 2.1 percent. Do you remember when he called Obama’s 2 percent anemic? Most Republicans are now calling this the best ever. Must be a fine line there.

If Jeff Flake, John McCain, all the Bush families, John Boehner and Paul Ryan all go to vote, how many of them will vote for Trump? He has done wonders for the Republican Party.

Does anybody remember watching Bush senior and Bill Clinton going out together and doing humanitarian jobs together — Barbara Bush saying Bill was like another son? This is after they had campaigned against each other. What former president could you imagine getting together with Trump after he is done?

Hang in there. Only nine-and-a-half months to go.

Wayne Stephas