Letter: Restore decency, character to our national leadership

Teachers and parents spend a fair amount of time helping students develop good character traits and respect for others, something it seems our president does not have. His attitudes, narcissistic ways, abuse of power, arrogance, bullying, name-calling, lies, and simply his lack of integrity and character are not examples we need for our youth or anybody. It amazes me with all these self-serving flaws that people can still support the actions of this president, including the ultra-conservative religious man, VP Pence. To condone this type of behavior seems very shallow and hypocritical. Trump’s so-called speeches end up being vicious rants. He wants to “make America great again” but creates divisions in making some people hate. Much of his administration has been fired, quit, or is in jail. None of us can agree on all the issues presented by each candidate, but it is time we restore some common decency amongst the leaders of our country. 

When voting, please consider the next generation and the need for good character and decency in our leadership. Our present leadership needs to change as they lack these traits. 

One of my musical heroes once said, “You can get things done – and still be a nice guy.” When I think of Trump, I think of these two songs, “Oh, Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble” and “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” 

Nathan Davidson

Grand Meadow