Letter: Simple things can reduce plastics in environment

Dear Spring Valley Tribune,

Hello my name is Hailee Warren, I’m in sixth grade and go to Kingsland. In my reading class we just finished the book “Tracking Trash.” It talked about how there are micro plastics in the toothpaste we use. When we spit it out it goes down the drain and gets washed into storm drains. From there it gets into the oceans and then the fish eat it, then we eat the fish. Studies have shown that one out of four fish have plastics in its system; that means if we eat the fish, the toxins from the plastic, over time, could give us cancer.

Most people don’t realize that 80 percent of the plastic that we throw out makes its way to the oceans through the storm drains and rivers. Some things our community could do to make a difference is pick up a pop can or two or reduce the amount of plastic materials you use daily. Just simple things could reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans in the next decade. If we don’t do something soon, our oceans are going to die.


Hailee Warren