Letter: Speed Kills

Most crashes and fatalities wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for those “run-away speed limits” and the fact “speed is so POORLY enforced.” They allow at least 10 mph over posted limits without charging drivers, and there’s no enforcement on “exceeding safe and proper speeds in adverse conditions.” They’ll blame the “weather” or the “road” or a “mistake” that someone made. I’ve always abided by speed limits and safe and proper in ice, fog, snow and I can remember too many times I’d have had a crash IF I’D BEEN GOING EVEN ONE MPH FASTER! (Maybe it’s more “luck” than “SENSE”) but times when someone ran a stop sign, semi truck across the road in dense fog, slow moving cycles or buggies with no lights or poor lights. Some of the above would have been fatal if I’d have “just been an average driver” going at a speed I could get away with.

I detest the so called “pro-life lawmakers and religionists” that force women to carry pregnancies that came from rape or incest, but rant for faster speeds, and get rid of effective enforcement (cameras) because their time, profits and schedule are more important than the lives that get in the way. That “sanctity of life” gets dumped when more speed and votes from the heavy foot lobby pressure them.

I also detest the lawmakers and safety officials that sacrifice more lives to more speed, in exchange for saving a few more lives of drunks and careless drivers with a “seat belt law” so the bean counters can make the fatality numbers come out favorably in the end.

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa