Letter: Throwing out plastic bottles, other items can damage ocean

Hello my name is Bryn Huebner and I am a sixth grade student at Kingsland Elementary School. Did you know that when you brush your teeth you are putting microplastics in your mouth? If you didn't know that, it is true.

At school we recently finished reading a book about ocean pollution, and when you throw a plastic water bottle out your car window thinking that it will do no harm because it is just one bottle, think again!! You may think your plastic bottle won't end up in the ocean, but chances are it will eventually. The reason I say this is because the plastic bottle can end up in storm drains, and then rivers, but after the rivers it ends up in the ocean. And that is sad because 80 percent of plastic in the ocean comes from that. Now there is a garbage patch in the middle of the North Pacific Gyre and it is bigger than two of the state of Texas.

I'm not saying plastic is the only problem in ocean pollution; there are also ghost nets that trap animals and drown them and crush and kill coral reefs, which is bad because fish need these reefs since it is their home.

One more fact about plastic bottles with BPA in them: When they break down they release the chemicals and BPA into the ocean waters. These are the reasons we need to SAVE THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!! You can do this by reducing, recycling and reusing your plastics and also picking up others’ trash.

Bryn Huebner

Spring Valley