Lion shooters win conference, amaze all at R-P Tournament

Takoda Boyd was one of two Lions with a perfect score, hitting all 50 clay targets at the first annual Rushford-Peterson Tournament. Photo by S. Lee Epps
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S. Lee Epps

The Spring Grove clay target team appeared invincible last week while wrapping up a third consecutive conference crown and crushing the competition at the four-team Rushford-Peterson Tournament.

There was some shuffling, even near the top, but the Lions again outscored their conference rivals in the final week 5 and closed the conference campaign with a 1,142-point margin over runner-up Mayer Lutheran.

That was no surprise, but the May 28 performance at the R-P Tourney was truly awe-inspiring.

After four marksmen had 25-straight rounds (25 for 25) during week 5 of conference action, six shooters did it at R-P; two brothers were each a perfect 50 for 50.

The top five individual totals were used for the team score. George Boyd and Takoda Boyd each were perfect, clearing all 50 targets out of the sky. There were four teammates who went 49 for 50 - Tristan Hammel, Kyle Hagen, Sam Sanness and Brandon Anderson. 

The SG team score was therefore 247 - out of 50! (If you consider the top six scores, it made 296 out of 300.)

After the official team total of 247, the host Trojans and Mabel-Canton both came next (but 35 birds back) at 212. Houston trailed at 207.

Back in week 5 of the conference season, the Lions were led by Sanness 49, followed closely by Anderson, Tanner Thesing and Tristan Brainard - each at 48. All four had a 25-straight round.

Hagen was close with a 47 while Hailey Conway and Tristan Hammel each fired a 46. Xander Lewis and Takoda Boyd each came in at 45.

The score was 44 for George Boyd, Carson Gerard, Claire Urell, CJ Sylling and Cullen Patterson.

Marie Petersen brought down 43 targets with Garrison Van Minsel at 42 and Jacine Johanningmeier connecting with 40 birds.

Conference individuals

Spring Grove claims the top three girls in the conference with Conway having the best season average of 21.90 with Urell second (21.40) and Petersen third (20.20).

All seven Lion ladies were among the top 25 conference girls, including Johanningmeier, Ashlyn Hammel, Maria Myrah and Kendra Waldenberger.

SG has nine of the top 25 boys in the conference. Sanness had the league's third highest season average of 23.60. Anderson was fourth (23.40). Tristan Hammel and George Boyd were tied for sixth (23.20) while Thesing (23.10)  ranked ninth, even with a cast on his wrist all season.

Also among the loop's top 25 boys were Hagen (22.60), Takoda Boyd (22.30), Brainard (22.10) and Patterson (22.0).

The Lions will next compete against all Class 2A teams in the state at Alexandria on June 12.


Class 2A - Conference 2(final)

Spring Grove…….10,675.0

Mayer Lutheran….9,533.0



PACT Charter……..5,911.0

St. James…………….5,609.5

ECHO Charter…….5,093.5