Live variety show set for Feb. 28 in Spring Valley

Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Oh, the punny drama.

Instead of “Saturday Night Live,” the Kingsland Drama Club will present a variety show night Friday, Feb. 28, called “Kingsland Knights Live,” which is “a pun on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the words ‘knight’ and ‘night.’  We decided that since we are Kingsland Knights, it would be funny to use that pun,” said Kingsland Drama Club President Treyton Pokorney.

Kingsland’s Drama Club is all about how to bring words on a page to the stage, and it’s through doing so that they hope to share their talents with the community, explore different forms of theater and raise enough funds to attend a professionally-produced play in the Twin Cities, as the group of 20 students aspire to see what it is that makes a show something to be seen. 

The 20 members this year are in grades seven through 12.  They meet every first and third Wednesday of the month along with certain Drama Club meetings scheduled where they will teach or elaborate on a subject related to theater, and then practice it, whether it’s through a game or other activities.  Also, the students went to see Rushford’s play, “Treasure Island,” at Rushford-Peterson High School last fall and helped the Key Club with a haunted house. 

The group also had a “super-fun Christmas party where we did a Christmas karaoke,” Pokorney said.  The drama students plan to see a professional Broadway play this spring in the Twin Cities, maybe “Anastasia” or “The Color Purple.”  They also have auditions for a spring musical coming up as well. 

“What’s challenging for me as the president is managing and planning activities for the club.  What is the most challenging is finding time to practice things, and commitment,” Pokorney said.  “But I love being a part of such a fun family…the most.  We all have so much fun doing games, going to plays and making friendships.”               

Pokorney and Kingsland Drama Club Vice President William Jahn are both already stage veterans, having performed in various Brave Community Theatre and children’s theater productions as they’ve grown up, so taking on producing a show of their own is another learning experience. 

Although he and Jahn initiated the idea, it was a collective idea from the executive drama board, which consists of Pokorney, Jahn, Secretary Joshua Meskill and advisor Sarah Kohn. 

“It is a variety show, and we will have many different skits and music performances throughout the night.  The music includes solos and small ensembles, and the skits range from standup acts to a full cast ensemble,” he said.  “It has been fun being able to choose what kind of performance to do and being able to express yourself through the performance.  Everyone in the drama club was encouraged to have some role in it, whether it’s with tech or doing a performance.”

The club’s goal is to raise funds for an educational opportunity to see professional theater in the Twin Cities. Pokorney anticipates that excursion because it’s a unique chance for everyone in drama club to attend a show together. 

“The variety show will help us see professional theater because all the profits made will go towards our activity funds.  If we did not do this fundraiser, we would not be able to have an opportunity to go, as the costs are too high for everyone to pay out of pocket,” he said.  “We will learn high-level acting techniques, see how the actors characterize their characters, and really see how great theater can be.  We hope to take back many of the things learned for our musical this spring.”

As for “Kingsland Knights Live,” he said, “I have really enjoyed being able to express myself through my talents and perform in ways that I haven’t yet.  I also like being able to have fun and do skits with my cast mates.  I think people will enjoy seeing everyone have fun on stage, being their goofy drama selves.  Everyone will have a good laugh.  I hope that people take away that Kingsland Drama Club can be more than what it has been the past few years.” 

The Kingsland Drama Club will present “Kingsland Knights Live” on Friday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Spring Valley Community Center.  Admission is $10 for adults, $7 for students and free for children 3 years old and under.  The evening will include a short intermission and concessions available for purchase.

“Bring your friends and family.  It’ll be a great night for everyone,” Pokorney invited.