Local man in need of kidney transplant

Hi, this is Dave Thouin, a longtime resident of southeastern Minnesota and former U.S. Navy Viet Nam era corpsman who served at the U.S. Naval Hospitals in Boston and with the NATO forces in Naples, Italy. I am in critical need of a kidney transplant. As hard as it is to share such personal information, I'm doing this for the sake of my family, particularly my wife, Carol. I am reaching out for help as I have a lot more living I want to do on this earth.

I'm searching for a living donor, as that significantly improves one's survival rate and a kidney is one of those miraculous organs that you can live a long life just having one of. I am also on a kidney transplant waiting list, but the wait is long. My blood type is O+. As a stem cell donor to my brother several years ago, I know, first hand, the deep feeling of satisfaction in the positive outcome of his survival.

You can help me fight this fight in several ways:

1. Spread the word to people you know who may be willing to get tested as a potential donor.

2. Prayers and support have been and continue to be helpful.

3. It's not my place to outwardly ask for someone's kidney - that's a very powerful and personal gesture, however we would be truly grateful for any such selfless gesture. Potential kidney donors need to be generally in good health and all medical costs incurred by the donor will be covered.

To learn more about being a kidney donor, contact the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center in Rochester at 507-266-7868 or log in to mayoclinic.orq/livingdonor for more detailed information. Additional information about kidney transplant can also be found at the National Kidney Foundation www.kidney.org/transplant/livingdonors

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions at 507-696-7447 or djtgonavy@centurytel.net. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Dave Thouin

Spring Valley