New book explores determination of the heart; Author visiting Spring Grove Public Library Aug. 19

Jordan Gerard

For one courageous girl, leaving the only life she had ever known was a monumental task that challenged her in many ways, but luckily, she had a determined heart.

Amish-born and raised in Michigan, Rebecca Troyer knew she did not want to spend her life in the Amish culture.

When she was 17 years old, she left with the clothes on her back and a few dollars in her pocket, moving hundreds of miles away from everything familiar. 

Now, she’s ready to share her story in an autobiographical account of her life. The book is titled, “Beyond the Brokenness: The Adventurous Heart of an Amish Girl.”

Troyer will be at the Spring Grove Public Library on Monday, Aug. 19, from 7 to 8 p.m. to talk about the book, hold a question and answer session and a book signing. 

The book is only available on Amazon and as a Kindle e-book, but Troyer is working with Barnes and Noble and other bookstores to hopefully get it on the shelves.

“Beyond the Brokenness” covers Troyer’s life from a little girl to the time she left the Amish culture. It explains what it was like to grow up Amish and the challenges faced by Troyer after she left.

“There were a lot of challenges I ran into,” she said. “Unforeseen challenges because I was not prepared. I was naive to a lot of things in the American culture.”

She adds that she could have avoided some of the hardships if she had been more prepared. 

Troyer faced depression, addiction and battles with suicide that had unknowingly been ruling her life since she was 8 years old, the book’s description says.

She also used her faith to overcome a lot of obstacles because when she had no other place to turn to, she turned to her faith in Jesus Christ, who hadn’t left her from the beginning. 

Through those challenges, Troyer learned she can overcome anything she set her heart to, and that’s what she wants readers to understand.

“The biggest thing behind this book for people to understand regardless of where they’re at in life, there’s always a way to change it,” Troyer told the Herald in an interview. “I talk a lot in the book of how to overcome them, choosing wisely and choosing what I want to do today.”

This is her first book and first foray into the world of authorship. She started writing the book a few years ago when another author encouraged her to start writing.

Within three months, she had a manuscript, but didn’t want to publish it. Using her faith in God to answer the question to publish or not to publish, she prayed to God.

“I said, ‘If you want to use this, it’s your story, not mine anymore,’” she recalled. “Then a lot of doors opened to publish it and people were able to help me with it.” 

The book was recently published at the end of May. Troyer is hoping to write a sequel and would love to make writing her career. 

Currently, she lives in Nashville, and aside from writing, her day job is doing taxi services. She also loves to travel and does missionary work, which includes being an advocate for helping people find the only true and lasting joy and freedom she has found in Christ Jesus, according to her website. 

This book will show readers that no matter where they are in life, what they’ve done or what’s been done to you, there is hope.