New Lanesboro welcome sign installed

An attractive new "Welcome to Lanesboro" sign has been installed on County Road 8 coming into town from Fountain thanks to an initiative led by Lanesboro Arts.

The project was awarded a $1,000 grant through the Lanesboro Area Community Foundation that was used to cover the costs of installation, which was completed by Norse Valley Construction on Aug. 28.

The Lanesboro Area Community Foundation (LACF) provides grants to support programs and projects that further the mission of the organization, which is to be a good neighbor by investing in the vitality of the people and community of Lanesboro including the surrounding 55949 zip code area.

The new sign has roots in public meetings that resulted in the development of the original draft of the Lanesboro Arts Campus Vision & Connectivity Plan in 2013. Recognizing that a welcome sign helps contribute to a sense of inclusion and community pride, the project was identified by residents as a need during those public meetings.

In 2015, Lanesboro Arts commissioned Archetype Design of Bloomington to design the sign, which is consistent with other directional, historical and poetic signage in Lanesboro's western gateway.

In support of the Arts Campus Vision, Archetype generously donated the construction of the sign in March of 2018.

The project was formally approved by the Lanesboro City Council on June 4. City Administrator Michele Peterson, Mayor Autumn Johnson and several city employees helped with the project in various ways, including securing site permissions, assisting with installation and planting bushes and a tree near the sign.

"We're incredibly grateful to the city of Lanesboro, the Lanesboro Area Community Foundation and everyone that helped make this new sign a reality. It truly was a community effort," said Adam Wiltgen of Lanesboro Arts.

“The new sign is a perfect welcome to our vibrant community,” stated Louise Wolfgramm, LACF president.

Lanesboro Arts is a non-profit, multidisciplinary arts organization activating the people and places of Lanesboro.

Lanesboro Area Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves the Lanesboro area by strengthening today and building a better tomorrow.