New program for senior adults being offered in Chatfield

Beginning in October, caregivers and their loved ones, along with members of the Chatfield community are invited to Slice of Life (Seniors and Loved Ones, Interactive, Chatfield, Experiences), a program that will explore something in Chatfield that can stimulate communication, imagination, story creating and artistic expression.

According to Wikipedia “slice of life” means constructing a story that has no plot, conflict or ending. This is the goal for each gathering. Each session will be designed and facilitated by trained individuals who will guide an open-ended discussion and activity so all participants are able to engage at whatever level they are capable and willing to contribute. A short devotional thought will also be presented as a part of the program.

Sessions will include a hands-on creation of some sort that will help to reinforce the creative nature of each individual and allow them a sense of pride in their ability to be creative at whatever level is possible.

The purposes of Slice of Life are to provide an opportunity for caregivers and their loved ones, and members of the Chatfield community, to experience a mindfulness moment through interaction with others and to enjoy interaction with community. There will also be a creative moment and lots of chances to have fun together.

Slice of Life will happen in many places around Chatfield. Each month will be a new experience. For example, one month the group will visit Big Girl Stickers to experience flower arranging and the joy of flowers. Another month, the group will visit Cabin Coffee to smell and hear about coffee. Another month will find the group at the Historical Museum exploring an artifact and making up stories to enhance the enjoyment of the piece. Organizers of the group have plans to drum together, paint together, hear music together and laugh together.

The Rev. Debra Collum and Beverly Simpson will co-host the program. Programs will feature speakers who have a special interest for the people of Chatfield and have experiences that seniors will find enlightening and stimulating.

Slice of Life is supported by a grant from the Round Up program of People’s Coop. There is no fee for the participants.

The first session of Slice of Life will be Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 10:30 a.m. The group will meet at the Historical Museum in the Thurber Building of city hall. The museum is accessible and well suited for all ages and abilities. Greeters will be on hand to guide participants to the museum.

At the museum participants will, together, create stories about a few of the artifacts. They will also create a small pomander.

Anyone who would like to attend these sessions is welcome. Call the Chatfield United Methodist Church at 507-867-3529 or email Collum at