New yoga studio finds room to breathe and stretch in Spring Grove

By : 
Jordan Gerard

A new yoga studio will provide a more permanent and flexible place for those wishing to learn the art of yoga or continue their yoga journey.

A few months ago, we brought you a story of two Spring Grove residents who have a yoga practice, and now they’ve gotten a new space for a new business, Spring Grove Yoga.

Charles and Nora Beckjord said the benefit is having a place to offer more classes. Previously, their classes were offered through Community Education, but only on Wednesday nights when space at school was available.

“We can offer more classes and store props in one place,” Nora said. “We can offer private sessions too.”

They are also certified to teach half day workshops, which might be held once a month. Fun events for students could be potlucks or movie nights, since the space is large.

All classes are appropriate for beginners, though some classes can continue onto more challenging poses that focus on abs and back bends.

Beginning classes also focus on creating space in the spine, which provides pressure relief.

“We’ll be working with different parts of the body, perhaps having a theme each month,” Charles added. “It might be daily practice, back bends, spinal relief, abs, standing poses or a variety.”

Currently their class schedule consists of Wednesdays at 10 to 11:30 a.m. and 5 to 6:30 p.m.; Thursday 6 to 7:30 p.m.; Saturday 9 to 10:30 a.m.; and Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Each class is 90 minutes long.

In addition to teaching yoga themselves, they might invite traveling yoga teachers to come or have weekend workshops with master teachers.

“We’re very excited for it,” Nora said.

Walk-in students are $15, six classes are $80 and 12 classes are $140. 

The type of yoga taught is Svaroopa© yoga. Svaroopa© yoga is a certified yoga and meditation school based in Downingtown, Pennslyvania. 

Both are certified yoga instructors and they bring their stress and tension relieving poses and strategies to Spring Grove.

It’s a type of yoga where props like blankets help to reduce stress along the muscles of the spine. Unlike other types of yoga where people flow from one pose to the next, Svaroopa© yoga holds the poses longer to release tension from the body.

It also helps with spinal decompression, which lengthens out the spine and decompresses tight spots. 

Perhaps another interesting thing about Svaroopa© yoga is that it doesnt use yoga mats. Instead, everything is supported by the use of blankets. 

The Beckjords are also embodiment therapists, which is “a hands-on technique that helps unravel deep spinal tension to promote relief from pain and stress.” 

One session can have the effect of six Svaroopa© yoga classes, Beckjord said. Each session lasts one hour. 

Students lie in a relaxation pose on the floor propped with blankets while Beckjord places her hands on specific areas of their spine. 

It can help relieve pain and stress from arthritis, fibromylgia and chronic pain, while also helping with feeling better overall, tension relief, reduce stress, restore energy, improve mental clarity, improve sleep and help with anxiety. 

Participants need to wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water if they want. Props are provided.

To sign up or learn more about the classes, contact Nora Beckjord at 651-900-0859 or go online to their website at or to their Facebook page at


I wished I lived closer! Nora and Charles are a talented couple, who have spent years learning the art of yoga. They are dedicated to the compassionate art of wellness and fitness for everyone!