Pharmacy opening in Chatfield Thursday

GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS The yellow sign on the door at Chatfield's Olmsted Medical Center pharmacy will come down and the door will open Thursday, Jan. 2, to welcome residents so they don't have to go out of town to have their prescriptions filled.
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Weber & Judd Pharmacy moved out of Chatfield, but there’s a remedy for that – OMC.

Shoppers at Chatfield’s Sunshine Foods may have noticed construction in the store’s southeast corner over the past seven months as Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) worked to remodel the space dedicated to Weber & Judd’s pharmacy, which closed over a year ago, into a space that suits OMC’s pharmacy. The new pharmacy is preparing to open its doors in Chatfield on Thursday, Jan. 2.

“We wanted to continue to support our Chatfield branch clinic patients and the Chatfield community as a whole,” said Chris Dornack, OMC’s manager of retail pharmacy, about the decision made after OMC became aware of the Weber & Judd pharmacy closing in Chatfield. 

OMC already has two pharmacies in Rochester, OMC Northwest Pharmacy, 5067 55th Street NW, and OMC Southeast Pharmacy, 210 9th Street SE. OMC is also aware that most small communities similar to Chatfield have a pharmacy, Dornack added.  

“Local pharmacies serve as an extremely important access point to local health care,” he said.  “Pharmacists are typically available without appointments to help assist patients with many of their common health care questions or with medication questions or recommendations.  Local independent pharmacies provide patient-focused care that is hard to come by at the big box pharmacies.  Having a pharmacy back in Chatfield will allow residents to pick up their medications quickly without having to drive to other area towns.”

Work to begin locating an OMC pharmacy in Chatfield began in May.  The bulk of the work is complete, Dornack said, as the pharmacy space was overhauled in its entirety.  

“The pharmacy is now front-facing and completely open to customers who frequent Sunshine Foods,” he said.  “We want to provide a pharmacy presence that encourages interaction with community members and allows our staff to deliver customer service excellence.” 

Prescriptions will be immediately transferrable from other pharmacies through an easy process, he added. Patients can simply call OMC Chatfield Pharmacy at 507-867-3989, let the staff know where their prescriptions are located and that they would like to transfer them.  

“We will make the arrangements,” he said.  “Once again, local residents will be able to go to our OMC Chatfield branch clinic, see a provider, get a prescription and fill it at our pharmacy, all within a few blocks.”  

OMC’s pharmacy will offer medication therapy management, vaccinations, over-the-counter medications, medication flavoring and price matching for orders paid in cash.  

Medication therapy management is where patients meet one-on-one with a pharmacist to review their medications, including over-the-counter drugs, their doses and when/how they take the medications.  

Vaccinations are available by an appointment or people can walk in for vaccine services if they are, or with someone who is, age 13 or older.  OMC offers hepatitis A and B vaccines, influenza, or flu, vaccines for people 6 and older, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) vaccine, pneumovax and Prevnar 13 to prevent pneumonia, Shingrix to prevent shingles.  

OMC pharmacy also offers pain relievers, vitamins and nutritional supplements, allergy medicine and other over-the-counter medications, as well as wound care dressings and first aid supplies.  If the product isn’t in stock, OMC can order it for next-day pickup or mail delivery.  

Medication flavoring, in which customers can choose to add a different flavor to any liquid medications, is available for $2.99.

Since the pharmacy will be located in Sunshine Foods, there will be a wide variety of over the counter medications available. Sunshine Foods already has a wide selection of OTC items, but OTC will stock items that Sunshine does not carry.  OMC can also special-order over-the-counter items so they will be available the next business day and its pharmacists are available to assist customers with over-the-counter questions and/or recommendations.  

The OMC pharmacy will be open in Sunshine Foods from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday. 

“We are here for you,” Dornack said. “We are happy to go the extra mile to ensure our patients get the quality health care and the service they deserve.  At OMC, customer service excellence is what we pride ourselves on.”