A plea to help your neighbors

Open Forum

We are the paraprofessional staff of Kingsland Public Schools. We work with children in our community who have special needs — some of the most fragile amongst us. We are custodial staff who maintain our school and keep it clean. We are secretarial staff who help parents and students every day while assisting teachers and administrators to keep our school running smoothly.

We are your neighbors. We live in your community. We shop in community stores and worship in community churches. Our children and grandchildren go to school and play with your children and grandchildren. We are employees of Kingsland Public Schools. We respectfully and humbly ask for your help.

We did not seek employment in education to get rich or climb the economic ladder. We are here because we believe in and support the children of our community. With that said, we have families to support and ask you for backing and assistance.

Kingsland School District support personnel are currently in contract negotiations with the district. Our starting wages range between $11 to $13 per hour and top out after 10 years at approximately between $13 and $15 per hour. Our average annual salary is about $19,000.

The district is currently offering us a wage increase of 1.75 percent for the current school year, which amounts to a raise of 19 cents to 26 cents per hour. For next year, the district has offered a 1.5 percent raise — an increase of 15 cents to 23 cents per hour.

We enjoy working with the students attending Kingsland. That being said, in order to support our families, we need raises that allow us to keep up with the rising cost of living instead of falling further and further behind. Food, gasoline, housing and health insurance costs eat away at our paychecks like they do yours. We need salaries that create an environment to attract and retain young workers to our school rather than see our youth grow up and move away from our community.

Please help us by asking our School Board to overrule the administrative negotiating team and offer your hard working neighbors a fair wage.

Kingsland support staff Negotiating team:

Janelle Mosher-Rowe

Sheri Ramaker

Mary Anne Meyers

Cindy Erding