School board approves carpet, HVAC, furniture quotes in special meeting

Courtesy of Steelcase, Inc. This unique desk is more suitable to students and classrooms. It’s smaller, easier to move and more flexible for students.
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Jordan Gerard

In an effort to get construction moving along for the remodel project, the Spring Grove School Board held a special meeting Monday, July 2 to approve several quotes.

The board approved a quote from A. Allen Construction for $73,690 for HVAC work, replacement of a suspended ceiling ($3,850), installing LED lights for math lab ($5,480), price increases from a July 2017 proposal ($2,560) and HVAC work from Winona Controls for $25,500.

Several classrooms will receive all carpet, partial carpet or new tile for the 2018-19 school year. Carpet often helps with the noise level in classrooms, especially in elementary grades. The former IT room will receive new carpet, replacing the carpet that has been in that room since 1988.

The board approved quotes from Mr. Carpet in Decorah, Iowa. In the new office location, the quote was approved for $8,917.58; in the two bathrooms in the gymnatorium (game gym), the quote was approved for $7,217.13; and in the classrooms, the quote was approved for $17,661.10.

New flooring in the classrooms will be covered by Long-Term Facilities Maintenance funds. 

Earlier this year, architects from Fielding Nair International came to school and talked to teachers, administration and students about what types of learning spaces they would like. 

Students were particularly interested in flexible furniture for small groups, reading, studying and “cave spaces,” where they can read or study alone.

Those wishes will be reality this year as the board approved $20,819.50 worth of flexible furniture from Steelcase Inc. and Schimdt Goodman Office Products, Inc. 

Superintendent Rachel Udstuen and second grade teacher Matt Rosaaen wrote a grant to get flexible furniture, but it was not awarded to the school. 

However, the furniture is being bought with a 75 percent discount and will be covered by the Bush Foundation Individualized Learning Initiative grant awarded to Spring Grove.

Included in new furniture are high and low tables, each with stools or chairs; new desks on wheels and with movable desktops; and couches that will be placed in the upper hallway. Some of the furniture will also go to Rosaaen’s classroom, as a thank you for helping write the grant.

“At the end of the day it’s a really good deal and a good use of capital dollars,” Udstuen said. “We’ll be able to use it for a long time.”

The school must also agree to be a “pilot school” for the furniture, which includes piloting an active learning classroom that supports 21st century learning, a design review to be completed by the Steelcase Education design team, identifying instructors who will use the furniture, participate in an active learning orientation and students and teachers will take a survey about using the furniture.

Existing furniture will replace older furniture in other classrooms that is either cumbersome or about 20 years old.

Personnel report

The board also approved Kody Moore as the girls varsity basketball coach. Moore has already worked with the team this summer.

Next meeting

The board’s next regular meeting will be Monday, July 16, at 7 p.m., in the Media Center.