Sylvia Leitzen: Enjoy Bluff Country offerings for Mother’s Day

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Sylvia Letizen
On Your Own Backroads

May. Mother's Day month. I received my present early this year. Not to make this column too personal, but on March 17, our son, Kristian, just 40 years old, suffered a massive stroke while playing hockey. And now, he has walked, albeit slowly, back into his house. He still has a long way to go but thankfully he is still with us. For all of you who knew about this, thank you for all your good wishes and for those who didn't, this is why I haven't been around.

Now, let’s get on to May in Historic Bluff Country. As I write this, it is raining. At least it isn't snowing! We have picked up the limbs and other debris on our lawn from this rough winter and are looking forward to spring and summer in our new home. I plan to put in a garden here also, but will miss the asparagus plot I have tended for almost 20 years. I think this year I may put my herbs in pots so perhaps I can expand their lives past the first hard frost.

So what is there to do for your wives/mothers this year for Mother's Day? There is the always welcome gift of not having to cook. Historic Bluff Country has many fine restaurants to choose from and you could add a night of bowling or perhaps a movie as a special treat. Or let's say it is really spring and you want to get out and enjoy the weather. Why not hit up the delis available in our area, pack a picnic and head out to the parks for a hike or just a great day in nature. I'm sure the bike paths will be ready to go by then and after this past winter, who wouldn't want to just get outside and do something?

We are lucky to have two State Parks close by, Forestville/Mystery Cave and Whitewater State Park. On May 25, it looks like Historic Forestville is having a Cemetery Walk starting in Preston. Whitewater State Park is always a joy just to be out in nature. Fishing anyone? Do not forget all the city parks that are available too.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Studio Art Tour in April. We have a wedding coming up and getting a one-of-a-kind piece is just perfect as a gift. I imagine the artists have pieces still available so if you need a gift, think of them too!

I think buying local is a very personal and perfect way to get the gift that is memorable and unique. Last year we purchased a teapot for our nephew and it is now living in New York and is a piece or art along with being a conversation piece.

Southeast Minnesota Historic Bluff Country had its annual meeting on April 25 at Elsie's in Caledonia. For those of you who could not make the meeting but are still interested, please contact HBC and someone will come to you. An organization that will promote the whole area is a good thing for everyone. We have an enthusiastic group and they really want to include everyone.

Just remember Mother's Day, that's all Moms really want. Enjoy your family.

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