1945 phone book shows range of businesses in SV

Half of telephone book
By : 
Mary Jo Dathe
Spring Valley Tribune

Perusing the old 1945 telephone book, one can see that the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. of Minneapolis is in charge, with Ralph Gordon, manager.  On the front cover is Distel Funeral Directors: a friendly service within the reach of all; the funeral chapel is available at your disposal; the ambulance service is on the phone at #93 and funeral home at #229.  Also see our complete line of furniture.

Sward-Kemp Drug Co. - prescriptions carefully compounded; drugs, sundries, candy, sodas, wallpaper, paint; on the job 365 days in the year.  And the store formulated a calendar from July 1945 to June 1946.  On the service page, when you complete a conversation, hang up the receiver (if a magneto phone), give one short turn of the crank; this gives the operator the disconnect signal.

Another half page: Spring Valley Dairy - milk, cream, ice cream.  Drink milk and be healthy.  Phone 349.  Still another: Mengis Funeral Home, Ambulance Service; flowers for all occasions.  Phone 194.  Husky Gas & Oil — gets you thru; bulk service, farm and home service; lubrication; washing; tires and batteries.  "Doc" Bussart, agent; Western Oil & Fuel Co. at Spring Valley.

At the top and bottom of pages: Burgess & Sons, Inc.; lumber; building materials; coal; phone 277.  First National Bank; affiliated with First National Bank Stock Corp., member FDIC — we appreciate your business; ask about farm loans and insurance; phone 17.  Gamble's — authorized dealer and home owned and home operated; O.F. Trueblood and A.J. McGillivary; everything for the farm, family, home and car; phone 22.  Henderson's Phillips 66; established 1930; machine shop, service station; electric and gas welding; Don Henderson, phone 315. Jorris  & Son; funeral service; furniture; ambulance service; funeral home in business for 40 years; phone 37 or home 179. 

Jas. A. Smith Lumber Co.; building materials of all kinds; lumber and coal; phone 107.  Anderson Motor Service; specializes in Oldsmobile service; general repairing; gas and oil welding; wrecker service; day 270; nite 284-W.  Hatley Motors;  Ford;  Mercury;  Lincoln.  Ford Ferguson System; efficiency; quality; service.  Osterud Agency, Inc.; insurance; loans; investments; a friendly business institution; phone 274. Marchant's Super Service; Chrysler; Plymouth; cities service -- all in their logo;  general repairing; expert work; building and fender work; modern equipment. Spring Valley Co-operative Creamery - there is no substitute for good butter to be had at your local creamery.   

Then came one-fourth page ads: For prompt removal of DEAD STOCK; phone 70 at Spring Valley or call Husky Oil Co. at 333; clean disinfected trucks; state licensed and approved; Spring Valley Rendering Co.; manufacturers of Green Top; tankage and meat scraps; for sale; ask the driver. Kehrberg's Our Own Hardware; authorized dealer for Skelgas and we sell the Monarch Range; glass and builders hardware; for your convenience you may pay your telephone bill here.  Spring Valley Oil Co.; Pure Pep & Tiolene are circled; gasoline, motor oils, lubrication, washing, kerosene, fuel oils; specialized lubricants for all types of mechanical machinery; tank wagon delivery; be sure with Pure. Victory Cafe; Mary Schonsby, prop.; excellent food; no beer; you'll meet your friends here!   

In Capitalization (unless mentioned earlier):  Bailey's Jack Sprat Food Store; the Beauty Nook; Iva Ray's Beauty Nook, Lou's Beauty Nook; Ben Franklin Home Owned Variety Store; Bicknese Grocery & Meats; G.L. Boucsein, veterinarian; Bowling Alley; John Brin, attorney; Bus Depot; Byer's Garage;  Carl's Tavern; CMStP&P Depot; Chicago GW Depot; Dr. Clark, phys.; Coast to Coast; Collins Produce;  Diddam's Meat Market;  Federated Store; Fire Station; Halbkat & Son; Holden's Rexall Drug; Home Federal; V. Jarnot, dentist; C. Johnson, MD.; Harry Johnson, Jeweler; Kilburn's Machine Shop; Kummer Bros.; Lawrence's Harness Shop; Albert Miller, Insurance; Nicholson's Sales Pavilion.

Others:  Dr. Page, dentist; Pattridge S., attorney; Prosser Land Office; Red Owl; Reid Burdock Seed Office; R. Scothorn, veterinarian;  S.V. Bakery;  S.V. Chick Hatchery;  S.V. Distributors; S.V. Milling Co.; S.V. Tribune; Sprott's Jewelry; Standard Oil Station; Valley Dry Cleaners; Valley Equipment -- J.I. Case Sales & Service; Weise Produce -- eggs, poultry, hides and wool; Woodward Co.; C.W. Zittleman, Osteopath.