Amelia Solum MVP; four Lions acclaimed

ABOVE LEFT: Amelia Solum (Impact Player/MVP; Academic All-State); ABOVE RIGHT: VaNessa Peterson (Hustle Award); Lower LEFT: Maggie Lile (Heart Award); LOWER RIGHT: Lydia Solum (Most Improved). Photos by S. Lee Epps
S. Lee Epps

Senior Amelia Solum was voted Spring Grove's most valuable volleyball player (Impact Award) and also named Academic All-State. VaNessa Peterson was her teammates' choice for the Hustle Awardwhile Maggie Lile was voted the Heart Award. Lydia Solum received the most votes for Most Improved Player.

All four honorees were Academic All-Conferencealong with junior Paige Jahnke. That distinction recognizes a 3.5 (A-/B+) grade point average for the academic quarter of the volleyball season.

Academic All-Stateis an exclusive achievement, only for seniors who have an A grade point average (3.8 or better) cumulative from their freshmen year through the academic quarter of the their senior volleyball season.

Amelia Solum, a 5-foot-6 outside hitter, was previously named to the All-Southeast Conference Team. 

The four-year letter winner had a team high 375 serve receives this season and responded with the best passing and serve receive percentage.

Solum served at 96%, the second highest accuracy among the primary servers. With 29 aces, she served more than twice as many aces as errors.

She had the team's second most attacks, was second in kills with 186 and among Lion hitters, posted the second highest hitting efficiency of 15%.

Head coach Kelsey Morken pointed out Solum's all-out effort on the court. And as the only senior, her example and leadership was especially critical.

Peterson, a junior libero, was second on the team with 305 digs and served 90% with more aces (27) than errors.

Coach Morken especially praised her determination in going after the ball on defense.

Lile(Heart Award), previously receiving Honorable Mention on the 2019 all-conference team, was an outside hitter this season after lettering as a libero as an eighth grader. Morken emphasized her passion for the game of volleyball.

The 5-5 freshman had the highest serving percentage (97%) among the serving rotation with 14 aces. She was a major contributor on both the attack and the defense - third on the team in digs (215), hitting efficiency (12%) and kills (120).

Lydia Solum(MIP), a 5-8 freshman, was a reserve setter, who saw increased playing time as the season progressed. She had 17 assists and also scored with 18 kills and 5 blocks. Her coach noted how smart a player she has become.

Amelia Solum received her fourth varsity letter while freshmen Lile and Addyson McHugh lettered for the second season.

Earning a first letter were juniors Peterson and Jahnke along with sophomores Rachel Normann, Lydia Solum, Julia Halverson and Brielle Neeley.

The 2019 Spring Grove squad (19-10) is one of only six (out of 48) Lion volleyball teams to have won as many as 19 matches. 

With a 10-4 league record, the Lion ladies finished in a tie for second place in the SEC East, their fourth straight runner-up finish. It was a fourth straight season with double-digit SEC wins and a fourth consecutive campaign with a playoff victory.

The Lions were the runners-up at the Mabel-Canton Tournament and the consolation champion at the Waukon Tournament.



Amelia Solum 432

VaNessa Peterson 305

Maggie Lile 215

Rachel Normann 203

Paige Jahnke 189

Julia Halverson 86


Maggie Lile 97%

Amelia Solum 96%

Paige Jahnke 93%

Addyson McHugh 90%

VaNessa Peterson 90%

Rachel Normann 86%


Rachel Normann 43

Addyson McHugh 41

Paige Jahnke 35

Amelia Solum 29

VaNessa Peterson 27


Addyson McHugh 291

Amelia Solum 186

Maggie Lile 120

Brielle Neeley 70


minimum 50 attacks

Addyson McHugh 21%

Amelia Solum 15%

Maggie Lile 12%

Rachel Normann 11%

Lydia Solum 10%

Brielle Neeley 10%


Amelia Solum 2.09

Maggie Lile 2.04

Julia Halverson 2.00

VaNessa Peterson 1.95

Paige Jahnke 1.83




Mabel-Canton*.14-0 (34-3 season)

Spring Grove..10-4 (19-10 season)

Lanesboro……..10-4 (16-14 season)

Kingsland………7-7 (8-22 season)

Houston…………4-10 (6-21 season)


Grand Meadow*…….12-2 (22-12 season)

Randolph……………….7-7 (12-10 season)

LeRoy-Ostrander.…...5-9 (8-16 season)

Schaeffer Academy…5-9 (6-15 season)

Lyle/Pacelli……………3-11 (3-18 season)

Glenville-Emmons….0-14 (4-21 season)

*division champions


Spring Grove Volleyball 2019 

home matches in bold; *conference matches 

>>>19 wins, 10 losses (10-4 SEC)

W at Randolph* 3-1    

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander* 3-0


at M-C Tournament

W vs. Houston 2-0

W vs. Grand Meadow 1-1

W vs. Lanesboro 2-0

W vs. Kingsland 2-0

W vs. Rushford-Peterson 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2


W at Lanesboro* 3-0   

L vs. Mabel-Canton*           0-3      

W at Schaeffer Academy*3-0

W vs. Glenville-Emmons*3-0

W at Houston*3-0       

W vs. Kingsland*3-1


at Waukon Tournament

L vs. Crestwood 0-2

W vs. De Soto

L vs. MFL MarMac 1-2

W vs. North Crawford 2-0

W vs. Lansing Kee 2-0


L vs. Lanesboro*0-3

W vs. Grand Meadow*3-0               

L at Mabel-Canton*0-3

L vs. Caledonia 0-3

W vs. Houston*3-1

L at Kingsland*2-3     

W at Lyle/Pacelli* 3-0


W vs. Houston 3-0

L at Fillmore Central 0-3


B-team Volleyball 2019

>>>8 wins, 7 losses

L at Randolph 0-2

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

L at Lanesboro 1-2

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W at Schaeffer Academy 2-0

W vs. Glenville-Emmons 2-1

L at Houston 1-2

W vs. Kingsland 2-0

W vs. Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Grand Meadow 0-2

L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

W at Kingsland 2-1

W at Lyle/Pacelli 2-1


Freshman volleyball 2019

>>>7 wins, 6 losses

L at Randolph 0-2

W at Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W vs. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

W at Houston 2-0

W vs. Kingsland 2-1

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Grand Meadow 0-2

L at Mabel-Canton 0-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-0

L at Kingsland 0-2

W at Lyle/Pacelli 2-0


8th grade volleyball (SG team is all seventh graders)

>>>13 wins, 4 losses

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

W at Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Mabel-Canton 1-2

W at Schaeffer Academy 2-0

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

W vs. Grand Meadow 2-1

 L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

W vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

W at Kingsland 2-1

W vs. Lansing Kee

L vs. La Crescent-Hokah 1-1

L vs. Caledonia 0-2

W vs. Cotter 2-0

W vs. Lewiston-Altura 2-0

W vs. Lewiston-Altura 2-1

W vs. La Crescent-Hokah 2-0


7th grade volleyball (SG team is all sixth graders)

>>8 wins, 8 losses

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

W at Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W vs. Houston 8th grade 2-1

L vs. Houston 7th grade 1-2

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Grand Meadow 1-2

L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

L at Kingsland 9-2

W vs. Lansing Kee

W vs. La Crescent-Hokah

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Cotter

L vs. Cotter