Back to school! Except for retired teachers

Jordan Gerard

Photo credit: Karen Fried

Kids and teachers in Spring Grove and the surrounding area returned to school on Tuesday, Sept. 3. For the retired teachers and administrators, they gathered at Doc’s Blue Moose for breakfast and then visited the school. It was a fun idea proposed by Bev Nelson that retired teachers could get together. The group chatted about what they were doing after teaching and reminisced memories. Some of the teachers had not seen the new remodel of the school yet, so it was an enjoyable opportunity to see the changes. They also had the chance to visit with colleagues that were still teaching. Retired science teacher Kim Kapplinger joked it was an opportunity to celebrate not going back to school. From left to right: Bev Nelson, Mary Deters, Shirley (Ohl) Finley, Joyce Landsom, Lyn Caldwell, Barb (Pellowski) Johnson, Doris Morken, Bill Fried, Jana Myrah and Kim Kapplinger. In front: Nolie Kapplinger, Joycelyn Rostad and Joan Lewis. At Doc’s more teachers joined including Karen Stenhoff and Sue Schieber.