Beardmore, Patterson, Conniff sparkle in sprints

By : 
Stephen Lee Epps

Cullen Patterson won the 200-meter dash at La Crescent-Hokah on May 4 while Jack Beardmore and Amber Conniff each won sprint events at both that track meet and a May Day meet at Rushford-Peterson/Houston. Maria Schieber and Marten Morem also had first place finishes for Caledonia/Spring Grove last week. There were six teams at both meets, neither of which tabulated team scores.



Beardmore ran first and Patterson third at both meets in the 100-meter dash. Beardmore had a personal-best time of 11.43 seconds on Friday. Nick McCabe was fifth on Friday.

Patterson won the 200-meter dash at La Crescent (24.63 seconds) with freshman Brody Johnson sixth among 24 sprinters.

Morem won the high jump Friday at 5 feet, 10 inches.

Taylor Holty was runner-up at both meets with the discus. He was fifth on Friday with personal-record 37 feet, 9.5 inches.

McCabe was second in shot put on Friday with a personal-best 40-03.

Dalen Lemke was fourth in the long jump on Tuesday at 18 feet, 7.5 inches.

Brady Rosenthal placed fourth with the shot on Tuesday and was sixth in both throwing events on Friday.

Beardmore, Patterson, McCabe and Sam Barthel were third in both the 4x100-meter and 4x200M relays on Tuesday but did not enter either relay on Friday.


>>>Girls at R-P/H

Amber Conniff won her third straight 100-meter dash, The 4x200-meter relay ran third with Jenna Scanlan, Kloe Jore, Harlie Tostenson and Madison Winjum. Winjum was also seventh in long jump.

Rachel Welsh was sixth in both the 110-meter and 300-meter  hurdles and seventh in  high jump.

Taryn Meyer was sixth in the 800-meter run with personal-best time of 2 minutes, 47.06 seconds.

Kaitlin Conniff ran seventh at 100 meters.


>>>Girls at La Crescent-Hokah

C/SG won four events, had four of the top seven places in the 200-meter dash and three of the top seven in the 100.

Amber Conniff won the 200M dash, placed third at 100M and ran on the winning 4x100-meter relay along with Kaitlin Conniff, Winjum and Eliza Welscher.

Schieber won the 400-meter dash and ran third at 200 meters.

Winjum was also second in the long jump and ran on the second place 4x200M relay with Scanlan, Jore and Tostenson.

Scanlan was also fourth in the long jump and was seventh among 27 sprinters in the 20.

Jore, a seventh grader, also placed fifth in the 200 and seventh among 33 runners at 100 meters.

Welsh was second in three events, matching a career best with a second place high jump of 4 feet, 8 inches. She was also runner-up in both the 100M and 300M hurdles.


The conference track meet is at Rushford on Saturday, May 12, starting at 9 a.m.