Behind the scenes: Three different types of ads

By : 
Jordan Gerard

You get an ad, I get an ad, everyone gets an ad!

We really enjoy when our local and non-local folks advertise with the Herald. It supports the newspaper and helps get the word out about your event or news. 

For your convenience, there are three different advertising options available to customers. They are classified, display and happy ads.

Classified is the most well-known of the three, as those ads have a long history in newspapers.

It was, and still is, the easiest way to advertise things for sale, real estate, thank yous, employment, wanted, rummage sales, farm/ag, services, for rent, miscellaneous and more.

Here at Bluff Country News Group, we have a classified deal that works well, especially if you’re looking to sell something. 

You can place a classified ad of 30 words (20 cents each extra word) in all six of our papers for $6 a week. We call it the 6-by-6 deal.

Our papers include the Spring Valley Tribune, Fillmore County News Leader, Spring Grove Herald, Chatfield News, Tri-County Record (Rushford area) and the Bluff Country Reader.

The deal is great for those who need a lot of visibility in the area. And if you don’t need that much visibility, or you’re looking to sell locally, pricing is affordable for less than six papers.

Here’s our own: 

FOR HIRE: The Spring Grove Herald is looking for a company or individual to snowplow 2 sidewalks and 1 small parking lot. Preferably shoveled by 9 a.m. on weekdays after snowstorms. Potential to continue into summer with lawn mowing. Payment to be negotiated upon hire. Contact 507-498-3868.

Display ads

Hey, I’m right here! 

Display ads get more attention than classifieds because they have their own space in the paper. 

These are able to have artwork, fancier fonts, borders and photos in order to ensure maximum visibility. 

Display ads provide more creativity and come in a variety of sizes to fit every ad’s need.

Occasionally, newspapers will place an ad upside down in order to get your attention. 

We are also able to share the display ad between our six newspapers and have price breaks for placing display ads in multiple papers.

Happy ads

Good news! Happy news! Happy birthday! Wedding shower!

What are these? Happy ads.

Happy ads are the type of ads that announce good news, hence the name. Engagements, baby or wedding showers, memorial remembrances, birthdays and more can be placed into the ad. Photos can also be printed with the ad too!

These are especially helpful if your event is an open house and you need people to know about it.

It was common practice to announce an engagement or birth announcement in the paper, before social media took over. 

Newspapers today are still able to do this, and we’d love it if we received more of them. Not only does the Herald bring you all sorts of content, we can also bring you the good news!

Now with this knowledge of ads, go forth and place your ad with us. We look forward to working with you for all of your advertising needs.