Bills last session strongly bipartisan

Open Forum

To the editor:

Thomas Trehus recently complained about partisanship and legislation he wants approved at the state Capitol. A careful examination of the numerous bills passed this session finds that nearly all of them were not only bipartisan, but strongly bipartisan, and would have addressed all of his “needs” if not for the veto actions of Governor Shutdown.

In fact, State Rep. Greg Davids not only supported them all, in some cases he carried the bills.

School security? Greg Davids voted for $50 million in funding.

More accessible and affordable health care options? Greg Davids chief-authored a law that helps Minnesotans find or afford health insurance coverage, which was necessary due to the disastrous Obamacare and MNsure laws handed to us by the governor and his DFL friends (remember MNsure was approved on a partisan, Democrat basis).

A more equitable tax structure? Greg Davids chief-authored a $650 million tax relief law that includes Social Security tax relief for senior citizens, a first-in-the-nation tax credit for college student loan payments, property tax relief for every small business owner, an ag land credit for farmers facing school bond referendums, and improved dependent care tax credits for working families. Last month he sponsored a bill that would have delivered the first income tax rate cut for Minnesotans in nearly two decades (approved on an 85-42 bipartisan Minnesota House vote).

Rep. Davids also voted for legislation that addressed elder abuse and the opioid crisis.

So what again needs to change?

Under Rep. Davids’ leadership, we are receiving historic, middle-class tax relief. A mammoth investment was made into road and bridge repair without raising anyone’s taxes. Legislation that improves health care costs and options became law. Not to mention Davids restored income tax reciprocity with Wisconsin and convinced lawmakers to build a veterans home in southeastern Minnesota.

I disagree with Trehus. The facts show there have been quite a few significant, beneficial, bipartisan accomplishments over the past two years, and we have State Rep. Greg Davids to thank for them.


Joe Sheffer