Break up the chill of winter with summer camp weekend

Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

It may be the middle of winter, but summer camp is being held this weekend at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Spring Valley.

The indoor camp will be led by Good Earth Village staff, including director Dianna Parks, during services Saturday, Jan. 18, and Sunday, Jan. 19.  

“Our hope is to provide a taste of what a camp experience is so that they will look into going to camp this summer,” said Darla Erickson of Our Savior’s.

The camp worship services have been a tradition for many years as they were started by the Rev. Jon Olson when he served the local church. Since then, the church has had some form of camp worship once a year, usually in April.  However, this year, the services were moved to January because campers are making decisions about summer earlier now due to early bird registration and the fact families are planning summer activities earlier.

Erickson noted that the program is entirely indoors with the camp worship services handle by Good Earth Village staff. Saturday worship will be led on piano, and Sunday worship with guitar. 

“It’s uplifting, exciting fellowship for all ages, and there will be a special children’s message, and our Sunday school children will be singing,” Erickson said.   “Families will enjoy the camp songs and information about camp programming and seeing the young members’ enthusiasm.  We will have fellowship after each service that includes coffee and snacks.  All are welcome – be ready to enjoy a Bible camp atmosphere.”     

Good Earth Village program director Hannah Loeffler-Kemp noted that Good Earth Village staff visits churches around southeastern Minnesota to spread awareness about the opportunities and ministries it provides.  Good Earth has partnered with Our Savior’s for many years, so it is visiting the church this weekend Saturday night and Sunday morning to promote its summer camps, she added. 

“The worships will be filled with joyful camp songs, reflections, prayers and celebrating our partnership.  We will have a mix of upbeat camp songs and slower reflective songs,” Loeffler-Kemp said.  “Families are highly encouraged to attend.  People of all ages will be able to participate in our camp-style worship.  Good Earth Village provides summer experiences for all ages – preschool to grandparents – and as the snow falls, we can think about the warm summer days ahead of us.” 

Erickson reiterated the invitation to circle ‘round the glow of the church’s camp services this weekend, as Our Savior’s will host its camp services on Saturday, Jan. 18, at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 19, at 9 a.m. 

“We welcome you to join us for this exciting camp worship opportunity,” Erickson said.  “We are so lucky to have Good Earth Village in our Spring Valley back yard.  It is truly a treasure!  Please join us to hear about the exciting programs they have planned for this summer.  Plus, you will get to enjoy camp songs and an uplifting worship service.”

The church is located on South Broadway Avenue in Spring Valley.  For more information, call 507-346-7251.