Busy schedule continues for baseball team

Zach Roline makes a catch at first for the Chatfield out vs. St. Charles. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

Chatfield freshman Max Aug hits his first varsity home run for the Gophers in a game against St. Charles. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

Nathaniel Fox rounds third base for the Gophers in a game against St. Charles. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

Chatfield’s Jake Mandt catches a St. Charles pop up foul ball for the out. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

Bennett Gathje tags a Lourdes runner second for a Chatfield out. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS

Seth Allen tags third base for a force out and throws to first for a Chatfield double play vs. Lourdes. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS
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The Chatfield baseball team had six games scheduled this past week; five were played and one was suspended. 

Last Monday the team split a doubleheader with St. Charles, winning the first game 14-5 and losing the nightcap 8-4.  Tuesday the guys lost to GMLOK 2-0 and had the second game suspended.  Thursday the team beat Cotter 7-0 in a division cross-over game, and Friday the Gophers lost to Rochester Lourdes 9-8 in eight innings.

Split with St. Charles

In the first game against the Saints, Chatfield combined eight hits, nine walks, two hit-batters and three St. Charles errors to get the win. Twelve of the runs, five of the hits, the two hit-batters and two errors came in the bottom the second inning for Chatfield. 

Robert Crouch led the way for the Gophers with two hits, two runs scored and one RBI.  Max Aug had one hit and three runs-batted-in and Zach Roline had a hit and two runs-batted-in.  Both hits were doubles.  They both also scored runs and reached base with a walk.  Also coming up with a hit and an RBI was Jacob Gillespie, pinch-hitting for Ben Ihrke.  Cole Sprau also had a pinch-hit single.  Ben Brogan and Bennett Gathje also had hits and scored two runs each.  Also scoring runs were Jake Mandt, Ihrke, Travis Blohm, Terron Ostby (two) and Nathaniel Fox.  Other RBI were recorded by Mandt, Ihrke, and Ostby.  Mandt and Lincoln Salisbury each got on base with two walks.  Hunter Hobbs, Henry Gathje and Brogan also reached base with a walk. 

Ihrke pitched the first four innings of the game, with relief help from Gillespie the last inning.  Ihrke struck out five, walked none, gave up six hits and four runs, all earned.  Gillespie gave up one hit, one run (earned) and struck out one. 

Chatfield gave up three runs right away in the first inning, but rebounded with the 12 runs in the second.

StC 3-0-1-0-1 = 5-7-3, 3 LOB

Chat 0-12-0-2-x =14-8-0, 6 LOB

The score was tied 1-1 going into the top of the third inning when Chatfield scored three runs to go ahead 4-1.  Unfortunately the Gophers gave those runs back, plus one in the bottom of the third and fell behind again 5-4.  St. Charles scored three more runs in the fourth inning to solidify their lead and get the win. 

Chatfield had eight hits in the game, two each for Aug and Roline.  One of Aug’s hits was a solo homer in the third inning.  The Gophers had five extra-base hits in the game: Aug’s homer, a triple by Henry Gathje and doubles by Ihrke, Mandt and Roline.  Crouch also had a hit in the game.  Henry Gathje (two) and Fox scored the other runs for Chatfield.  Henry Gathje, Roline and Ostby also had runs-batted-in.  Aug, of course, got a run scored and an RBI for his round-tripper. 

Crouch pitched three innings in the game.  He gave up four hits, six runs (two earned), two walks and struck out two.  Seth Allen pitched one inning of relief, allowing three hits, and two runs (one earned). Allen didn’t have any walks or strikeouts.  Each of Chatfield’s pitchers gave up a home run.  

Chatfield 0-1-3-0-0 = 4-8-2, 6 LOB

St. Charles 0-1-4-3-x = 8-7-4, LOB 6

In the loss to GMLOK, Chatfield out-hit the Bulldogs 5-4, but fell short in the run department.  Ihrke led the team with two hits, while Aug, Roline and Ostby each had one.  Chatfield didn’t get on the scoreboard, so there were no runs-batted-in or runs scored. 

Mandt pitched the four innings that Chatfield was in the field.  He gave up four hits, two runs, neither was earned, struck out four and walked three.  

Chatfield never sent more than four batters to the plate in any of their top halves of the innings. 

Chatfield 0-0-0-0-0 = 0-5-1, LOB 4

GMLOK 0-0-0-2-x = 2-4-0, LOB 4

Game two against GMLOK was suspended after 1.5 innings.  The score was tied 1-1 at the time of the suspension.   It was re-scheduled for Monday, May 7.

In the win over Cotter, Chatfield scored five runs in the fifth inning on four hits (Brogan, Bennett Gathje, Roline, Allen), a walk (Aug), a sacrifice bunt (Crouch), a sacrifice fly (Ostby), a hit-batter (Ihrke) and a Cotter error. 

Ihrke (six innings) and Gillespie (one inning) held the Ramblers to six hits in the combined shutout.  Ihrke walked three, struck out three and allowed six hits during his stint on the mound.  Gillespie struck out one and didn’t allow any hits during his relief work. 

Brogan and Bennett Gathje each had two hits in the game.  Brogan scored a run and Gathje scored two runs and knocked one run in.  Also contributing to the offensive success were Mandt (one hit, one run), Ihrke (one R), Crouch (one H, one RBI), Roline (one H, one R, one RBI), Allen (one H, one R, one RBI), Ostby (one RBI) and Salisbury (one H, one RBI).

Cotter 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 = 0-6-2, LOB 7

Chatfield 1-0-0-1-5-0-x = 7-9-0, LOB 7

No information was available for the Rochester Lourdes game.

Games this week: Tuesday, W-K, home, doubleheader, starts at 4 p.m.; Thursday, at Lewiston-Altura, 5 p.m.; Friday, at Southland, DH, starts at 4 p.m.  Note: doubleheaders are five innings each; single games, still seven innings.