Celebrate Earth Day with Poetry Slam

Akwi Nji will be the featured poet for the Earth Day Poetry Slam happening on Friday, April 27.  This Slam will be held at the Courtyard and Cellar in Decorah at 8 p.m. Doors will open at 7:30.  

Akwi Nji is a performance artist from Cedar Rapids who explores themes such as race, gender, parenthood, womanhood, familial relationships, and social and cultural issues through her storytelling. She is the founder and executive director of The NewBo PoJam and producer of The Hook's Drop the Mic, ArtLOUD!, #WeAre and The Living Room Series.  

The Poetry Slam is a regular event hosted by ArtHaus in which poets near and far come to read their work.  Participation is open to all in two categories.  Original Voices is original poetry under three minutes shared without competition.  The slam portion of the night is a lighthearted competition with prizes.  All poems are welcome, but on this special event "earth" inspired poems are encouraged.  There is no admission charge for pre-registered performers.  The link to register can be found at arthausdecorah.org.