Chatfield Fire Department extinguishes shed fire last Tuesday

Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

The Chatfield Fire Department was called to the country on the morning of Tuesday, April 9, to handle a shed fire at the Dale Rodgers home on Highway 30/74.

Chatfield firefighter Brian Burkholder stated it appeared that Rodgers was burning rubbish near the shed and the fire spread to the shed.

The department took its grass rig, an engine pumper and tanker to extinguish the fire, which took approximately one hour to put out.

Burkholder also noted there were no concerns about it spreading to the residence, as “it was a good distance away and wind was blowing away from the house.”

The crew got to put its fire-extinguishing foam to use during the call. “We knocked the fire down with foam. It smothers the fire. We asked Dale to keep an eye on it and call if needed. It’s not ideal to burn on a windy day, but the wind was in our favor if the fire were to be much bigger.”