Chatfield gets several first at Rushford track meet

Chatfield’s Andy Arellano releases the shot during a meet at Rushford last Tuesday. LEIF ERICKSON/CHATFIELD NEWS

Kaci Goldsmith unwinds as she throws the discus when Chatfield competed at Rushford. LEIF ERICKSON/CHATFIELD NEWS

Joanna Selerno, second from right, clears a hurdle for the Gophers at Rushford. LEIF ERICKSON/CHATFIELD NEWS

Meghan Hopp hands off to Chatfield teammate Ann Warren in a relay at Rushford. LEIF ERICKSON/CHATFIELD NEWS

Jared Baker takes the baton from Chatfield teammate Carson Larrabee in a relay at Rushford last Tuesday. LEIF ERICKSON/CHATFIELD NEWS
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Most of the track and field meet was completed last week at Rushford-Peterson before weather shut it down. 

The only events missing were the 200m (boys and girls), 3200m run (boys and girls), 4x400 relay (boys and girls), high jump (boys) and pole vault (boys).

Both squads did pretty well.  Taking first place were Manny Perez (43’3/4”) in the triple jump, the girls 4x100 relay (0:53.72, Rylee Burnett, Macy Pederson, Alyssa Baum and Megan Hopp) and the boys 4x100 relay (0:45.66, Austin Swancutt, Benjamin Muller, Nathan Meeker and Manny Perez). 

Getting the silver medals (second place) were the girls 4x800 relay (11:09.98, Sydney Allen, Abbi Gillespie, Tessa McMahon and Isabelle Berg), Silja Erickson (shot put, 31’2.5”), Austin Swancutt (100m, :12.11), Benjamin Muller (400m, :53.48), boys 4x200 (1:38.91, Carson Larrabee, Jared Baker, Dakota York and Jack Tuohy), boys 4x800 relay (9:37.17, Landon Bance, York, Braden Thompson, and Cody Guenther) and Perez (long jump, 19’2.5”). 

Getting third places were Karla Gomez (800m, 2:34.41), Joanna Salerno (300m hurdles, 0:51.47), Grace Friederichs (pole vault, 8’), Macy Pederson (triple jump, 31’1.5”), S Erickson (discus, 95’2”), Nolan Salerno (110m hurdles, 0:17.87) and Jonathan Frank (discus, 130’). 

Here are the rest of the results for Chatfield’s competitors.  Places for top 10 are included, otherwise, just their results.

100m, g: Pederson, fifth, :13.70; Burnett, :14.55; Abigail Hinckley, :15.04; McKenzie Rowland, :15.26.

100m, b: Larrabee, fourth, :12.38; Isaiah Froese, seventh, :12.49; Jake Mueller, :13.18.

400m, g: Paige Erickson, fifth, 1:09.96; Hinckley, 1:15.32; Maddie Wright, 1:27.00.

400m, b; Baker, sixth, :58.34; Masyn Remme, eighth, 1:00.86; Mueller, 1:03.05.

800m, b: Thompson, 2:25.25; Bance, 2:25.35; Isaac Miron, 2:32.51; Josh Walsh, 2:34.74.

1600m, g; Gillespie, fourth, 6:08.39; McMahon, fifth, 6:09.61. 

1600m, b: Miron, eighth, 5:44.15; Walsh, 5:50.68.

100m hurdles, g: Salerno, fifth, :18.34; Rebecca Fox, eighth, :19.54; Abbi Daley, :22.33; Wright, :23.69.

110m hurdles, b: Simon Swartzentruber, eighth, :20.22; Ethan Ruskell, 10th, :21.35; Joshua Waadevig, :21.52.

300m hurdles, g: Fox, fifth, :54.74; Daley, 1:03.60.

300m hurdles, b: Salerno, eighth, :46.36; Ruskell, 10th, :47.65; Swartzentruber, :49.97; Waadevig, :51.91. 

4x200, g: Stephanie Bradt, Pederson, Ann Warren, Hopp, DQ.

High jump, g: Warren, fourth, 4’8”; P Erickson, NH.

Pole vault, g: Mikaela Kohlmeyer, sixth, 7’; Allen, eighth, 7’.

Long jump, g: Hopp, fifth, 14’10.5”.

Long jump, b: Swancutt, seventh, 18’ ½”; Guenther, 15’1 ¾”; Remme, 15’ ½”. 

Triple jump, g: Bradt, sixth, 29’4 ¼”; Fox, seventh, 28’8 ¾”. 

Triple jump, b: Reid Johnson, sixth, 35’6 ¾”; Thompson, seventh, 33’11”; Konnor Kivimagi, 29’3 ½”. 

Shot put, g: Kaci Goldsmith, fifth, 27’7”; Sara Baum, 25’ ½”.

Shot put, b: Frank, fifth, 37’9 ½”;  Cole Asleson, 33’8”; Andy Arellano, 30’1”; Wayne Kester, 29’2 ½”. 

Discus, g: S Baum, 10th, 79’7”; Goldsmith, 68’1”.

Discus, b: Asleson, seventh, 102’; Kester, 69’5”; Arellano, 69’3”.

Tuesday the team will be competing in the True Team Meet in Dover-Eyota.  The Three Rivers Conference Meet is coming up on Saturday, May 12, in Rushford-Peterson.  The sub-section meet is coming up real soon.