Chatfield golfers hit the links

Bill Bentson

The Chatfield golf team had three matches this past week with one against Plainview-Elgin-Millville and two against Kingsland. 

The boys suffered three losses, while the girls team continues to be incomplete, with only two golfers participating in this past week’s matches.

Riley Mulhern continues to top the scores for the Chatfield team.  The Chatfield team made great improvement in the two matches against Kingsland. 

The first Kingsland match was at Chatfield on Monday, April 22, the match against Plainview-Elgin-Millville was also at the Chatfield course on Tuesday, April 23, and the third match, also against Kingsland was Thursday, April 25, at the Old Barn course.

Medalist in the matches: K (4/22), Wyatt Pruter (38); PEM (4/23), Wyatt Kujath (43); and K (4/25), Pruter (36).

Here are the varsity scores for the past week.

                                      K    PEM        K

Riley Mulhern           43*      47*     46*

Sam Rudlong             56*      49*     47*

Colton Johnson          50*      48*       59

Ryan House                 62      52*     53*

Bralyn Burnett             63        59     52*

Tadyn Burnett           61*        61       60

Chatfield team*         210      196     198

Opponent                   180      193     186

This past week only Mollie Henry and Paige Erickson played for the Chatfield girls’ team.  Henry has had the low Chatfield scores in all three matches.  Henry was the medalist in the first Kingsland match, Brianna Gender (PEM, 53) had the low score in the PEM match, and Madeline Moore (55, Kingsland) was medalist this past Thursday in the second Kingsland match.

Here are the gals scores for the past week’s matches.

                                     K  PEM        K

Mollie Henry          57       56      60

Paige Erickson      69       61      68

                                  Inc.     Inc.    Inc.

                                  Inc.    215    Inc.

Chatfield was scheduled to host Dover-Eyota this past Monday and will host Southland on Thursday.