Chatfield native in the business of creating dream slumber parties

SUBMITTED PHOTO Former Chatfield resident and Chatfield graduate, Bree Timm Egan has started a business where she can set up a slumber party for youth in one’s home. Slumber Party Solutions is based out of Winona.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Bree Timm Egan comes into one’s home and sets up a slumber party for young children. The set up shown above follows a “boho” theme.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Bree Egan, center, is shown with her husband, Paul, and their daughter, Finty, in New Zealand. She and her family lived in Australia before moving home to Minnesota earlier this year.

A-glamping we will go, a-glamping we will go – “Boho,” “camping” and “rainbow” — a-glamping we will go!

Current Winona resident Bree Timm Egan, daughter of Dale and Nancy Timm of Chatfield, has developed a new venture into providing indoor slumber party tents for families with young children, which she has named “Slumber Party Solutions.”

“My three themes are ‘Boho chic,’ ‘camping’ and ‘rainbow,’” described the Chatfield graduate. “I originally saw it on Facebook in Australia and the pictures had me hooked! I just kept thinking what an awesome idea it was for kids. I recall my first slumber party as a kid was in my backyard in our 1980s pop-up camper – and I thought THAT was posh!”

Egan has lived in Australia for the past decade as she and her husband lived close to his family, and it’s there that she saw the popularity of having someone else manage the accommodations for children’s slumber parties.

“This idea is really big in some of the large cities in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve seen a few similar ideas scattered around the U.S.A., but nothing in this area,” she said.

And as she returns to the United States with her young family, she’s pleased to be close to the place she called home as she starts her new business.

Egan grew up in Chatfield and graduated from high school in 2005. She attended Winona State University and received a bachelor’s degree in recreation and tourism.

While she was in school at Winona, she met her husband, Doug, an Australian who was studying at Winona State as well.

“We led several adventure-based tour trips, travelling through New Zealand and Australia for the first few years we were together,” Egan said. “We then decided we should start acting like adults and settle down. After that, I became a long-term Australian resident and eventually became an Australian citizen. We settled in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, where most of Doug’s family is living.”

She said her life in Australia was full of amazing friendships, family and fulfilling jobs, but they always had a nagging feeling they needed to give America a shot before they settled down in Australia forever.

“So, with our second child on the way, we knew it was ‘now or never’ and sold all of our belongings, shipped over the cat and moved back to America,” Egan said. “It was a hard transition at first after spending most of the past decade in Australia, but we are very happy we’re here with our Minnesota family and friends.”

Her father is now retired, but he worked as a large animal vet at the Chosen Valley Vet Clinic for 41 years. Her mom, Nancy, works for the city of Chatfield as the assistant ambulance director and deputy clerk.

While her parents set up the playpens in their home to accommodate her two children when they come to stay, Egan has decided that providing “a no-fuss slumber party for you by delivering to your door and setting up beautifully-styled slumber party tents” is the means by which she’ll be able to stay home with her new baby and toddler.

She highlighted, “My number-one drive for starting this business was so I could be home with my kids during the week. It’s been a crazy year, with an international move and the arrival of our second child in July, so I knew I just needed to start slowly with only three themes – I have some more theme ideas floating around in my head, amongst a few other ideas – but it was a combination of some crazy pregnancy hormones and the heartache of dropping my toddler off to daycare every day that made me realize that I was in control of my future and if I wanted to start my own business, I had to put in the hard work to get it done.”

Slumber Party Solutions allows parents to call Egan, order tents and have them set up in their home, then taken down the next day after the all-night fun’s been had.

Her “no-fuss slumber party” includes delivery and setting up beautifully-styled slumber party tents…a four-tent minimum for one child per tent, with luxury foam mattresses, bunting, floor pillows, lighting, lanterns, chalkboards, tray tables, and blankets and sheets.

Every child also gets a sleepover gift pack, which includes an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and keychain, all of the essentials for a night of fun indoor glamping.

“The beauty of this is that the parents don’t have to lift a finger,” Egan said. “I arrive to set it all up, and the next morning, I take everything down and then take it all home to wash it all. I think it’s perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, celebrations or a surprise slumber party at grandma’s house – especially with winter just around the corner. It allows them to focus on the night and making memories that last a lifetime. Childhood is so fleeting – you’re making lifelong memories right now.”

She explained that parents need only to clear a space in their home in preparation for her arrival with the tents.

“The only challenge I can think of is space, but we can usually always work out a way to make it all fit into someone’s space,” Egan said. “The tent setups are 7 feet long by 3.5 feet wide each, or six feet long without the breakfast trays. The tents are currently only for indoor camping, or as I like to call it, ‘glamping.’ It’s typically overnight, but we’ll work out a drop-off and pickup time that suits people. Most people want the tents dropped off in the morning and to be collected the following morning.”

Because she lives in Winona, she’s able to include Chatfield, Dover and Eyota in the 35-mile radius from her home to which she can deliver tents without having to charge an additional cost, and also serve families in specific Wisconsin towns as well, with the basic charge for four tents starting at $250 and additional tents costing $40 to set up.

“It’s a great option for your next birthday, celebration or surprise slumber party at grandma’s house. And I have a lot of cute extras available that I rent out to make the night even easier,” Egan said.

She noted that building a business through pitching tents to indoor-glamp was a family effort, and she’s grateful to her parents for their part in making it possible for her to start it.

“Getting these tents ready was a full team effort. The tents are very sturdy and custom built in Chatfield by Mike Gittins of Union Street Builders. My dad sanded and painted everything, while my mom and I collected fabrics and all of the decorative pieces,” she said. “My husband listened to me obsess about every detail and didn’t roll his eyes too many times when the dozens of Amazon Prime boxes started rolling through the door.”

She said she hopes to continue to help children make memories that last a lifetime while being busy enough to help support her family but also enjoy this time with her little ones while they’re still small.

“I’d love to help people throw the slumber party of their child’s dreams, all the while fulfilling my dream of finding that perfect work-life balance and not missing these important and precious moments with my family,” she concluded.

One may find more information on Egan’s Slumber Party Solutions – with discounts for those who contact her by Oct. 31 — at, by phone at 507-884-5537, on Facebook or by email at