Chatfield Public Schools School Board ISD #227 Official Minutes, May 1, 2019


Chatfield Public Schools School Board ISD #227

Regular Board Meeting

May 1, 2019 ~ 7:00 PM

         Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, the regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 227, Olmsted, Fillmore and Winona Counties was held on Wednesday May 1, 2019.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm at the High School Forum Room by Board Chair Amy Jeffers.

         Roll call was taken with these members present: Tuohy, Isensee, Jeffers, McMahon, Backer and Priebe. All present said the Pledge of Allegiance.


Approval of Agenda

         Jeffers asked for a motion to approve the agenda with these additions.     

         7. Reports

                  d. Integration Technology Specialist

         8. Consent

                  d. Approve the following resignations

                           iv. Kristy Cook/ Technology Integration Specialist

                  f.        Approve the following new hires

                           ii. Christina Carr/HS Office Administrative  Assistant

                  g. Approve the following  2019 Summer School hires

                           i.        Regan Little/Grades 7-12 Assistant

                           ii.       Elissa Johnsrud & Kate Johnson /Summer Reading  Program Teachers

                           iii.      Michele Thompson  /Summer Reading Program Assistant

                           iv.      Kelly Reinecke & Sara Duxbury /Elementary ESY Teachers

                           v.       Pam Flattum Elementary ESY Assistant

                           vi.Kaitlin Dunlay/ Kindergarten Prep

                  h. Memorandum of Agreement /Release of  All Claims – Julie Young

11.    Action Items

                  d.      Approve Leave of Absence MOA: Travis Bartels

                  e. Approve Posting: Middle School Math Teacher

                  f.        Rescission of Non- renewal for Kelsey Gwidt (1.0FTE) & Angela Fitzpatrick (1.0FTE)

McMahon/Tuohy motion for Approval of Agenda with these additions.  Motion carried 6-0

         Jeffers asked for a motion to approve the agenda with this removal:

         8.      Consent

                  c.       Approve Food Service Contract – 1 yr removal

                           Tuohy/Priebe motion  for Approval of  Agenda  with this removal.

                           Motion carried 6-0


Approval of Claims & Accounts

         Priebe/Isensee motion to approve Claims & Accounts as presented.

         Motion carried 6-0



Board Reports:

         •        Amy Jeffers/Board Chair

         •        Student Council/Nathan Goldsmith & Jack Tuohy

         •        Integration Technology  Specialist/Kristy Cook

Principals’ Reports:

         •        Shane McBroom/ Elementary Principal  

         •        Randy Paulson / High School Principal

Superintendent’s Report:

         •        Ed Harris


Approval of Consent Items

         Backer/Priebe motion to

approve the Consent Items:

         a.      Approve 04/03/2019 Meeting Minutes

         b.      Approve 04/03/2019 Special Meeting Minutes

         c.       Approve Food Service Contract – 1yr renewal

         d.      Approve the following resignations:

                  vii.     Julie Young/Title 1

                  viii.    Nan Lesser/HS Para

                  ix.      Zach Slowiak/ ALP Teacher

                  x.       Kristy Cook Technology Integration Specialist

         e.      Approve the following Job Posting:

                  xi.      HS Para

                  xii.     ALP/Social Studies Teacher

                  xiii.    Jr Varsity Dance Coach

         f.        Approve the following new  hire(s):

                  xiv.    Brenda Nelson/Varsity  Dance

                  xv.     Christina Carr/HS Office Administrative Assistant

         g.      Approve the following 2019 Summer School hires:

                  xvi.    Mitch Lee/Grades 7-12 Teacher

                  xvii.   Regan Little/Grades 7-12.     Assistant

                  xviii.Elissa Johnsrud & Kate Johnson /Summer Reading  Program Teachers

                  xix.    Michele Thompson /Summer Reading    Program Assistant

                  xx.     Kelly Reinecke & Sara Duxbury/Elementary  ESY Teachers

                  xxi.    Pam Flattum Elementary ESY Assistant

                  xxii.   Kaitlin Dunlay/ Kindergarten Prep

         h.      Memorandum of Agreement/Release of All  Claims – Julie Young

                  Motion carried 6-0


1st Reading of District Policies

         Jeffers noted that the following district policies are before the board for their first reading.  She asked the board to refer any questions they might have to Mr. Harris.

         a.      511 Student Fundraising

         b.      520 Student Surveys

         c.       620 Credit for Learning

         d.      713 Student Activity Accounting

         e.      903 Visitors to School District Buildings & Sites


2nd Reading of District Policies

         McMahon/Isensee motion to approve the following policies:

         a.      619 Staff Development for Standards

         b.      707 Transportation of Public School Students

         c.       708 Transportations of  Nonpublic School Students

         d.      709 Transportation Safety  Policy

Motion carried 6-0


Action Items

         a.      Backer/McMahon motion to approve the School

                  Perceptions Community Survey.  Motion carries 6-0

         b.      McMahon/Mike motion to  approve the Resolution to the Designation of Identified Official with Authority for the MDE External User Access

                  Recertification System.  This is an annual resolution  that allows the superintendent to give user  access to MDE secure

                  systems.  A complete copy  of the resolution is attached. Motion carried 6-0

         c.       McMahon/Backer motion to approve the Local Literacy Plan.  Motion carried 6-0.

         d.      McMahon/Isensee motion  to approve Leave of Absence: Travis Bartels.   Board members vary on opinions about LOAs in  general.  There is also

                  concern that filling the position might be difficult as there are several schools  currently looking for Math teachers.  Motion failed 1 (Priebe) – 5 (Backer,

                  Jeffers, Isensee, Tuohy &  McMahon).

         e.      Isensee/Backer motion to approve Posting: Middle  School Math Teacher.  Motion failed 0-6

         f.        McMahon/Priebe motion to approve Rescission of Non-renewal for Kesley  Gwidt (1.0 FTE) & Angela  Fitzpatrick (1.0 FTE).  We’ve had two elementary                                                       teachers resign after the board approved their non-renewal.  Motion carried 6-0



         McMahon/Priebe motion to adjourn at 7:46pm. Ed reminded the negotiations committee of their meeting starting in a few minutes.  Motion carried 6-0

         Respectfully submitted,

         /s/Scott Baker

         Scott Backer, Clerk

A complete copy of these minutes can be found at or by contacting the District Office.