City council approves bids for new water in 2020

Jordan Gerard

Out with the old and in with the new for the Spring Grove City Council at their regular meeting as they approved a bid for the new water tower.

Maguire Iron, Inc. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was chosen for the project, as they were the lowest bidder at $877,000 and recommended by WHKS. The council also added a hydroflon paint option for $15,000 (also recommended by WHKS).

As for the design and rosmaling, the council opted for lettering and décor on one side of the water tower. Those two options added about $3,000 onto the project. 

Mayor Sarah Schroeder suggested the city’s current logo that already has rosmaling in it, but the final design for the rosmaling has not been determined yet.

The shape of the water tower will be spherical and painted blue, which is the norm for new water towers. 

Tax levy

The council approved the 2020 tax levy at $610,000, which is a decrease from last year’s levy set at $628,000. 

Projected general fund expenses for 2020 were $1,558,068. The city will also receive $448,606 in local government aid. The debt service fund was projected at $123,275. 

City Clerk/Treasurer Erin Konkel said the city has a small surplus of $903 that she found while reworking budget numbers. 

No complaints or comments were made during the Truth in Taxation hearing. 

City clerk administrator

The council preliminarily approved a new job description put together by Paul Ness. The description details what duties belong to the city clerk administrator position, what qualifications they need and other essential information for applicants. 

There were a few edits to be made to the description and Konkel had yet to review the document at length, but once the reviewing was finished, the job description will be available to applicants.

Other news

The council approved more tasks for human resources consultant Ness, who is handling the city’s compensation study. 

Ness will also handle the pay equity study, which the city has to complete and turn into the state by the end of January 2020. He will also look at job descriptions and determine if they are exempt or non-exempt. 

The council approved new wage changes for fire department officers, as submitted by Fire Chief Trent Turner.

The new rates are mostly $100 increases with the exception of the fire chief and secretary. The fire chief’s new rate is $1,500; assistant fire chief is $600; second assistant/training officer is $500; and assistant training officer is $200.

The council chose to keep the secretary’s rate at $400, instead of decreasing it to $300 as suggested.

Speaking of fire department business, Justin Bogedin, Eric Middendorf and Timothy Young were approved as new fire department volunteers. 

RockFilter Distillery will now have the option to be open on Sundays after the council approved its request to have a Sunday On/Off Sale license. The council saw no issue with the request. 

Kelsey Bratland and VaNessa Peterson were hired as ice skating rink attendants. 

Closed session

The council went into closed session to discuss union negotiations. 

Next meeting

A special council meeting will be held Jan. 6, at 5 p.m. to discuss the compensation study. 

The next regular meeting will be held Jan. 21, at 6 p.m., at 168 W. Main St.