City Council approves budget, levy for 2019

By : 
Jordan Gerard

The Spring Grove City Council allowed the 2019 tax levy to remain the same at the annual Truth in Taxation meeting on Dec. 18.

They approved the amount for $628,000, which is an increase from 2018’s levy of $610,000.

The General Fund expenses for 2018 are expected to be $1,593,277, while the debt service fund is $145,920.

Spring Grove will receive $430,457 from Local Government Aid (LGA). The public library levy is projected at $103,000. About $783,689 for General Fund expenses comes from sources other than LGA and the tax levy.

No one from the public spoke during the public hearing.

Fire Dept. purchase

Fire Chief Trent Turner brought three quotes for a new compressor fill station at the department. Turner recommended the highest priced station at $39,994 from Sandry Fire Supply because their products were reliable and trustworthy, while Fire Safety USA had minimal reviews and very new.

The other quotes came in at $28,748.89 from Fire Safety USA and $39,670 from Alex Air Apparatus. 

The council discussed options. About $38,000 was in the contingency fund, and finally, the council agreed to use $28,000 of that fund for the compressor fill station.

Turner will decide on a compressor and pay the difference from the fire department fund. He would also request a pledge from the Rural Fire Board. The council approved the action.

Changes to job descriptions

The council approved changes to four job descriptions, including City Administrator, City Clerk/Treasurer, Deputy/Billing Clerk and Administrative Assistant.

Schroeder and councilmember Karen Folstad discussed duties with each position, since they had changed since Anne Selness was hired as city administrator.

Now the city administrator is responsible for “coordinating long range planning for the city and its departments and subcommittees. Informs the city council about municipal operations at regular and other meetings. Coordinates administration of council-approved budget and policies ... interacts with other department heads to ensure programs and services are administered with effectiveness and efficiency. Coordinates public relations and handles complaints. Acts as the training officer ... for all staff.”

The city clerk/treasurer will “serve as the chief financial officer for the City, secretary to the council ... preparing general accounting, accounts payable and payroll records.”

Deputy/utility billing clerk duties include “intermediate technical work coordinating, processing and monitoring the utility billing system, provides clerical, secretarial and administrative support of City operations and related work.”

Finally, the administrative assistant’s duties include “... basic clerical work maintaining Police Department and City Hall records and related work ... acts as the Responsible Authority and Data Practices Compliance Official to administer the requirements for collection, storage, use and dissemination of data within the City.”

Stephanie Jaster was approved as the Responsible Authority and Data Practices Compliance Official.

Hires for ice rink, pool

The council approved Julia Halverson, Maggie Lile, Dane Edgington and Abbie Tate as ice-skating rink attendants at $10 per hour.

The council approved Grace Edgington as the 2019 Swim Center Manager, resulting in her second year as manager.

Other news

The council approved a quote from Paveman Designs for $5,975 to remove the current tile and chip seal both bathrooms at the Log Cabin and outdoor bathroom at the Fest Building.

Also approved was a letter of support for the Safe Routes to School grant. Mayor Sarah Schroeder signed the letter.

The city will also post new signage at the Fest Building with information about contact information and other necessary information.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Spring Grove City Council will be held Jan. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at 168 W. Main St.